I am going to begin a series of articles where I will try and explain, show how having met an amazing lady who is still my most adored lover after 45yrs of marriage, we developed, nurtured and grew our life in the world of fetish though we did not see it as that, to us is was what we wanted and we found to be immensly satisfying in a very sexual and menral way. I know that we are no doubt unique, these stories/events take place over , many years. We are no longer as active as we were, now both in our 70s however luckily we are both fit and have our health. Saying that the wife allows, encourages my ongoing activity with my main two fetishes, plimsolls and heels, alas she no longer wears but that does not stop her wanting me to max my pleasure. Rubber featured a lot in the early years, that is until after our second daughter was born, then like a light going out the wife just hated the smell of it so it went but we still maintained the essence of pleasure with heels and plimsolls.

Below is a story I wrote which was about 3 years after we got married and both were seriously into high heels. I hope you enjoy. It is a long read but as you get into it we hope you will be absorbed by its content as it did actually happen..

It all started in my adolescence when I tried on my older sisters shoes, they were I think at least 4" which was quite high for the 60s. I got an amazing erection though did not masturbate as to be honest I really did not know how to, that came later. The pleasure from it was however immense, I was hooked so to speak and wore them whenever I could which was NOT often.

Alas I was orphaned at 16yrs and to survive I joined the army which gave me a roof, clothes and food. It was during my army service masturbation became the norm. I was stationed in West Germany for most of my service and for the first time had access to ladies who wore what were to me the most lovely and extreme high heels imaginable, 6" and 7" no platform. I spent some of my wages visiting them and enjoying the pleasure of just kissing, sucking and caressing the shoes while they stood over me. One day I encountered a TV who had on boots with a 7" heel, as high up the leg as I could see. I went with her and while discussing what I wanted to get a price I soon found out she was English, had my foot size and it went to the point where I was actually trying on shoes/boots with 6" and 7" heels. Just slipping them on gave me the most enormous erection which she noticed and smiled at, I think it gave her/him pleasure as well. On standing up and seeing my feet arched very highly, the toes encased in a small toecap made me explode and it shot nearly across the room, 'wow she said, now that was impressive'. It transpired that the she male was a total high heel addict, I mean total, she said she always walked the streets in at least 6" heels, never a platform. She loved the effect they had on men but I was the first 19yr old who had shown such passion. We then played for a couple of hours wearing 6", 7" and my first ballet heels, (another explosion of cum), we practiced me walking and standing for periods. When the session ended no fee was charged except she wanted to cum over the 7" heels I had on, so as I stood over her, teetering she lick and sucked my shoes before exploding with cum flowing all over the heels and instep before she licked them clean. I visited her several times after that for high heel enjoyment until she moved on to another city. What she taught me was to fashion my future life of fetish pleasure.

On leaving the forces I met my wife, before we married I told her of my high heel fetish, she is 4'10 and a UK4, I am a UK8. On explaining what it involved etc she shocked me by saying that she too liked high heels but never imagined that she would ever meet a man who also wanted to wear them! What happened next was well, unbelievable, she asked what shoe size I was, what did I like that excited me the most etc, did any of her shoes excite me? She at that time had a couple of pairs with at least a 3" heel, one 4". We were now in the late 70s. I told her that it was really the pair of highest heels I really liked, they looked so good on her. Now here it became very important for her to realise that it was not just her shoes that excited me but her herself. Several weeks later we were out about town, she was wearing a pair of knee high 3" Cuban heeled boots. We suddenly came upon a shop that stocked Bally shoes and in the window were perhaps the highest heeled black patent pumps I had seen in the high street, she also saw them and saw perhaps my drool. 'Are they high enough for you?' she asked, well I said for 'you they look perfect' but for me perhaps higher. Ok, lets see how high they are then and in we went. The heel measured 41\2" with a rounded toe in black patent leather. The saleslady bought a pair out in my fiancées size, she made great pretence of trying them on, walking around knowing and seeing I am sure my erection. We bought them and she then surprised me and I am sure the saleslady by asking to walk out in them. The saleslady explained that they were not really everyday shoes due to the heel height but my fiancée said 'I know but I need them for tonight and want to wear them in'. In other words, shut up!

We continued to walk around town, my eyes were glued to her feet as I am sure were other men whom she noticed even saying 'I must do this more often for all the looks I am getting'. On getting back to the car and setting off home she said that that was one of the best moments of her life and promptly rested her feet on my lap as I drove very excited home. That night we had the best sex ever and of course she wore her new heels digging them in to me as I thrust at her.

Her heels and the effect she now know they had on me and others became a focal point of our relationship which went from strength to strength. On our wedding day the marriage was consummated with her wearing a gorgeous pair of new 41\2" white sandals in bed.

We had been married a couple of years when from out of the blue she mentioned to me what I had said when I first told her of my fetish/passion for heels and that I too had worn some and also longed to, that I had not really talked about it since. Well, did I still want to? I was taken completely off guard and sort of spluttered out that yes I still wanted to but because she was wearing them for me I really did not want to sort of spoil things. She laughed, called me a silly billy saying that why should she have all the fun when we could both enjoy it. We were in our 30s and both with good jobs, no c***dren, secure in our love of one another. We then talked for some time about the heels, if I got any I would want, I explained to her my meeting that she male in Germany and the shoes he wore. Now, I also had some magazines still from that period one title of which was called 'High Heels', I had kept them in my old army suit case, she had found it while repacking things from our bedroom. She produced it and asked if this were the shoes I had worn? The pictures showed a woman in plain black pumps with heels at least 6" high. The look on my face said it all, mainly because she had found my cache of high heeled magazines, I had about a dozen and the fact she was confronting me with them, then she selected another, the front cover featured a woman in white ankle strap heels at least 7" high, pointing at them she said 'or do you prefer these?'. Looking at them she said 'of course far to high for my small feet to walk in but ok for the bedroom, I wonder what they feel like to wear?' I just fell on her in lust even though it was mid-afternoon. I think she enjoyed it as well. Later that evening she was looking through the magazines, pointing out various pictures to me when she asked just where on earth these shoes came from, I mean she says, some one must make them for the models to wear. Remember, this was before the days of the internet. Anyway to cut a long story short one day I was looking through a copy of 'Exchange and Mart' when I saw an advert for 6" and 7" heeled shoes from a shop in London called 'Cover Girl' based in SOHO, London, there were a couple of pictures showing them, just like in the magazines we had. With the advert was a telephone number.

I pointed this advert out to my wife, now at that time the highest heels we had were the black Bally ones, they were now many years old and still much loved, I still had not got any heels.

She suggested we ring to see if they were still in business and also to find out prices, sizes and stock etc as we were thinking of a weekend in London. I rang them the next day and was told that they had stock in from size 4 to 12, also did made to measure, prices started at a reasonable £40 a pair for sale stock, but went up to £100 for boots, ( her Bally shoes cost £65). They had 6" and 7" heels in stock for both our sizes. Directions were given and a date arranged for attending.

A couple of weeks later with great excitement we boarded the train and set off on our weekends adventure. We had discussed what we wanted, she said that because of her small feet she perhaps ought to stick to a 5" heel though she was willing to try higher, just to see what it was like with no promises. Believe you me I was happy that she was even going to wear a 5" heel but it was me that was getting us more excited because she wanted to see me in the highest heels they could provide, she wanted to see me teetering around, after all, I had had practice before.

She kept mentioning the white ankle strap heels in the magazine and that was what she wanted to see me in. I also did NOT cross dress apart from the shoes, so she knew I was not a sissy or even gay, it was the shoes that turned me on and she totally accepted that, I was perhaps the luckiest man alive to have such an understanding wife.

We arrived in Kings Cross Station just before noon and set off for Trafalgar Square, the shop was up a side street leading to SOHO. We had appointment for 2pm. We arrived with time to spare and easily found the shop, the window was plain but in it was the most exciting things I had seen in my life, several pairs of shoes with heels from 4" all the way to 7". It was described as 'Theatrical Footwear'. I could NOT take my eyes away from the 6" and 7" heels, my wife nudged me saying, 'I bet you are excited, I am as well'. Although early by at least 30mins we went in. The inside of the shop had shoes of various heel heights displayed on shelves but all we could see were of the lower styles, 4" to 5". I explained we had an appointment to the lady assistant and that we were early if that was ok, of course she said, now I think you wanted shoes for you both and higher heels then in this section, we have a private fitting area just through here if you will follow me.

We entered a section of the shop towards the back where the shoes were far different then those at the front, this was obviously the specialist bit. All on display featured heels that started at a lovely 6" all the way up to Ballet styles, boots from ankle to crotch, heels with straps, platforms etc. Once we were seated a man appeared and offered us a drink, namely wine which we accepted. Questions were asked re size where on both our feet were measured (my wife had on some easy 3" heels). The wife said that she wanted heels at least 5" high but wanted to try the higher ones to see how they looked and could she cope with them, me I said I wanted at least 6" but preferably 7" with ankle strap and white. In heels I was a 9 but the wife still a 4.

Both assistants went into the stockroom for a few minutes returning with several boxes each, the man to the wife, lady to me. She took off my shoes and socks, slipped some nylon stockettes on saying that she recommended I wore these when in heels. The first pair I tried were some 6" black pumps, to say I was not hard was an understatement but I had put two pairs of underpants on in expectation of this. I looked over and the wife was trying some red 5" pumps on, she had a cheeky smile on her face which told me she was loving it! When nicely on the lady ensured the fit was snug, she then asked if I had worn heels before whereon the wife said 'ohh yes, I am waiting for this' She winked at me and sat watching....I stood up and got my balance, it felt so good, I know I would cum if this continued, the lady held my hand while I got balance and then asked me to walk around if I could, so I straightened my back and knees, heels first set off across the room. I could tell both my wife and assistants were surprised at the fact I had not stumbled and kept erect (as was my cock). I turned at the far end and returned walking with how I was taught by my Hamburg Lady, heel toe, knee and back straight to maintain balance. Wow, you can walk in them my wife said, the assistants just looked and the lady said, that was impressive, most men go flat on their faces at the first attempt.

She te3n produced some 7" white ankle straps like in the magazine, my wife now had on some 6" pumps having tried the 5" and finding them in her words 'quite exciting and manageable'. She watched as the white 7" were placed on and ankle straps fastened. I had forgotten how enjoyable these heels were to look at and wear. Now the lady assistant said, lets see how you cope with these? Gingerly I stood up and for the first time in many years experienced the extreme arch of a full 7" heel and yes, I exploded in my underpants managing to conceal it my buckling at the knees as if trying get my balance. I am sure however they all know, most certainly the wife who said, bet you feel better after that? I regained my poise and balance, taking small steps teetered across the room looking down at my feet encased in white extreme high heeled creations of pure pleasure. I did several walks up and down the room to get the feel which was sensational and that was an understatement. I sat down looking at the wife who had been sat in her 6" pumps waiting for me to finish. The man helped her up and she to my surprise confidently set off across the room with the most enormous smile on her face. Her feet were at the most extreme arch I had ever seen on a woman, literally over 90degrees yet she maintained her poise, I wanted sex with her there and then as I watched with my white 7" on. The lady assistant even commented that she looked amazing and the shoes were just about at her maximum heel height. The wife I could tell was in seventh heaven. She walked around for at least 5 mins, even standing on one foot.

When she sat down she asked to try on if possible a 7" heel. The lady said that in her size the max heel height possible was 61\2" but if she wanted to try a size 5 then they had some boots with a full 7" heel. Why not she said and the man bought out some black leather knee lace up boots, the heel looked vertical with a small rounded toe cap. The wife took off the 6" pumps and both the man and lady laced on the boots. As the wives feet slid in she commented 'omg, my toes feel like they are literally on point'. Looking at the toe box she was NOT far from the truth. When laced up both helped her to stand, I mean if you could call it standing, her arched were way over the vertical, there was barely any gap between the heel and the sole. OMG, OMG was all she could keep repeating. when she was upright and balanced they let her go and she was stood there, the arch was so high that she could not straighten her legs even though she was frantically trying to. She then gave up and sat down however her eyes were glued to the boots and she moved her feet around taking in various side views of the boot. The lady asked what she thought 'amazing, bloody amazing'. That was the first time I had ever heard my wife use that word!

She looked across at me sat still with my white 7" ankle straps on, saying, have you any higher for my husband to try? The lady said that in a size 10 the heel is an extra 1\4" higher, in a UK12 an extra 1\2" but far to big to walk in, we do have some ballets but you lose the arched foot effect. The wife then said 'I want him to experience what I am at present in these, do you have anything at all that could do that?' The man then said 'we had a customer who ordered some made to order boots, they are crotch high, UK9 but with a 71\2" heel which would be similar though not quite as extreme as yours but would look similar. He has yet to collect and it has been several weeks, you are welcome to try them on. The wife said, 'why not, lets see how you cope?'. The man left returning with a large box, he pulled out a pair of very high leg baby pink zip up boots with an unimaginable heel fitted, again the heel was nearly touching the sole it was so high. Wow the wife said, they look totally amazing and I love the colour, I always thought you ought to wear pink she said. The lady unstrapped and removed my white 7" heels and then with my leg outstretched slid the pink thigh boots on over my trousers. When both boots were zipped up the boot tops were into and in fact over lapping my crotch but the heel, now I know what the wife meant, my foot was so arched that my toes were just about bent into the small rounded toe cap. The man and lady took my arms and got me to stand, I again was so hard, very wet from my first explosion and very close to a second. I got my balance just but like the wife could not straighten my legs. The wife watched intently saying 'you look totally amazing, those boots are so high in leg and heels, can you walk or even stand in them?' I replied 'well perhaps we ought to teeter together, see if we can help each other'. The man said 'that's a good idea' and leaving the woman to support me helped her to her feet and she teetered over to me taking very small steps, facing one another we went into a clutch. In my ear she whispered, I think I have cum several times, I know you have', this is amazing, I love it'. We held onto one another for several more minutes before sitting down. Now it was crunch time, what to buy?

Our boots were taken from us and wrapped back into there boxes. We went into a huddle while this was done, it was so disappointed going back into flats from those lovely heels, the wife sensed this saying, 'we have the hotel to look forward to later'. She put her 3" heels back on commenting 'well, these are a doddle after what I have just had on' producing a smile from the lady. But what to buy, we had bought enough cash for a pair each, the wife was seriously wanting I know more then the one pair has did I. The wife asked the assistant if they took cards 'of course we do'. Now, we very rarely used cards but on this occasion the excitement got the better of us and before we know it the wife was asking for prices re her 5", 6" pumps and 7" knee boots, total £200 was stated, me I wanted all I had tried on both the 6" pumps, white ankle straps and pink boots but knew they were a special order but fitted me well. The lady who I presumed was the manager said that the pink boots were a one of however, because the customer having been contacted and not responded had only paid a deposit they saw no reason why I could not have them. My bill was £300. We looked at one another before the wife said, why not, you only live once and they are fantastic, lets enjoy' where on I produced my card and we walked out in a state of bliss. Our total time in the shop we later saw was nearly two hours.

We went straight to the hotel checked in and went to our room carrying our wrapped packages and overnight bags. Immediately the wife kicked off her low heels and ripped open the 7" knee boots commencing to slide them on and lace up, I could hear her heavy breathing which she does in a state of extreme arousal. 'What do you want me to wear?' I asked, 'the pink boots, put the pink boots on and I want you naked'. I quickly through off my clothes while the wife laced up her boots. Unboxing the pink 7" crotch boots I was amazed at their beauty and quickly zipped them up experiencing the same rush of heady excitement as I felt the boot top rubbing my balls and my toes arched and cramped in the small rounded toe caps. I laid on the bed waiting for the wife who quickly finished throwing off her clothes and we laid alongside one another looking down at our heeled feet. 'I want to stand as you fuck me she said, lets see if we can do this?' So we moved to the bed edge and standing up which on doing so the wife emitted a squeal of pure pleasure. Looking down as we faced one another she said 'you look bloody amazing' whereon I said 'as do you' and we fell into one another's arms stood up, perched on 7" ultra arched heels. Now the wife is 4'11", I am 5'9", the maths is not hard to do for copulation in the standing position so I bent my knees, not hard as I could not straighten them anyway and entered her, she was so wet it was dripping and moaned as I entered her, my thrusts were slow, deep, she just laid her head on my shoulder before uttering the most exciting words I had ever heard her say 'I never want sex again with heels on, I want us both to wear heels at every chance and as high as possible, this is amazing, I never want this to stop. thank you'. She then started a series of climaxes that seemed to go on and on before I also exploded in her, at that we collapsed onto the bed in one another's arms, high heeled booted legs intertwined.

We must have fallen asleep for several hours which is not surprising bearing in mind all the excitement. When I work up the wife was up but still naked, she had removed the 7" knee boots laying them on her pillow, she had on the 6" black pumps and was making some coffee. She came and sat beside me, her hands brushing over the thigh boots, tugging at the boot rim in my crotch. 'You know' she said 'pink really does suit you, I think that when we get more heels for you, they will be pink. Now put those amazing 7" white ankle straps on, I want to see how they compare to the picture in the magazine'. I quickly unzipped the boots, the wife had already unpacked the white shoes and it was she that placed and fastened the ankle straps as they were slipped on my feet. Still naked she suggested I parade around for her, in fact she stood and we walked together, comparing arches and heel heights. Side by side her arch was steeper then mine, something she commented on more then once. After we had had coffee, standing and before we went down for dinner she said 'what would be apart from wearing these heels, the most exciting thing you would want to do now?' With out thinking I said 'I would love to be in a 69 where we lick, caress and play with one another's shoes, but that may be to far for you to go?' 'I see why not, lets play'.

With that we went head to toe and I immediately felt the wives hands exploring my instep, heels, her lips on the vamps, hands caressing the entire shoe which made me immediately aroused, feeling it rise she said, 'so it feels good' and by now I was becoming intoxicated with her own shoes has my tongue covered every inch, mu fingers slid into the vamp and arch tickling her instep which made her groan, she then moved one of my legs so it went into her crotch, slowly pressing down I felt her lips and hands on my own shoes increase in speed and intensity while moaning with words of 'yes, yes, yes' as my knee pressed down before her entire body seemed to arch and she emitted a low groan and wail saying 'yesssssssssssssss'. Immediately she had recovered she told me to turn over, removed her feet from near me, laid me on my back, picked up her knee boots from the pillow, got my pink thigh boots and 6" pumps placing them on the bed by me, She then, laid beside me placed the heels of both her knee boots in my mouth telling me to hold them there, picked up the pink crotch boots and laid them on my chest with the shoe part resting on my face, then using the heels of the 6" black pumps began stroking my cock, as she slowly rubbed the heels over the shaft asked if it was nice, to relax and enjoy. I came in about 12 strokes which produced an amazing smile.

After that we got dressed and went down for dinner, she wore her black 5" heels, on walking down she said 'I am going to wear no lower then this heel height when we are together, shame you can't'.

I could go on for ever about that weekend but it would only bore you however to conclude, from that day on we slowly extended our heel collection, 'Cover Girl' closed a couple of years after our first visit to be replaced by 'The Little Shoe Box' now sadly gone. My wife kept to her word and never wore under 5" when out with me be it shopping or just walks. Inside the house I was encouraged and still am to wear the highest heels I can, my shoe/boot collection is now quite extensive. My wives heel wearing went into sharp decline after the birth of our second daughter, alas she put weight on, she still wears heels for me in bed but due to a bunion can no longer enjoy the pleasure of wearing them walking.

We saw nothing at all deviant, wrong in our pleasure, my daughters now mature know of my passion and fully accept it though I never wear in their presence, they however know I wear frequently and as one said recently 'no matter what you wear you will always be our dad and we will always love you!'. What nice words to close on. I hope you like my story and it is true

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