Rectal temperatures were always standard practice on me when growing up. Mom, my older sisters, the nurses at the clinic, and several neighbor lady friends of moms all took my temperature rectally. It was always taken this way, so I didn't know of any other methods until I was much older. For me, it did not seem embarrassing, nor did I feel like a baby when it was being taken this way. Mom and my older sisters always took it rectally, so for me, it was the right way and only way to take my temperature. Growing up, I had overheard kids at school talking about it. Some said their temperature was taken in their bottoms. But I can remember there were times where I overheard some saying their temperature was taken their mouth, or under their arm. I was never asked about where my temperature was taken. I asked mom about this, and she said that she always took my temperature rectally ever since I was a little baby. She had told this to the clinic where we went to for our physical and sickness checkups. Mom had asked the clinic to continue taking my temperature rectally. She had written a note requesting this. The clinic nurses always took rectal temperatures, saying that it was their preferred method. I think every nurse at the clinic had taken my temperature numerous times for the years that mom took me there for physicals exams or sickness checkups.

Mom said she taught my older sisters how to take each other's temperature. She also taught them how to take my temperature since I was the youngest. She wanted them to have this experience for when they had children. She told me that she had asked me when I was younger if each sister could take my temperature. She told me I said that I didn't mind. Mom had created a notebook for all my temperature checks. She showed each sister the notebook and told them to create their own notebook. Mom and my sisters first began taking my temperature in my bedroom but having the smallest room, and the furniture made it seem crowded. Mom thought of an idea, and asked dad to make a padded-top table. She got the measurements from the clinic when I went there for a sickness checkup. During that visit, mom was in the examination room with me. She was sitting in the chair by the wall. She was watching me laying on the examination table. Nurse Kate had just finished taking my rectal temperature and was preparing to remove the thermometer from my bottomhole. She moved her hand from my lower back down to my bottomcheeks. She slid her two fingers between them and spread them apart. I could feel this happening as she then slid the thermometer from my bottomhole. She removed her fingers as my bottomcheeks closed together. She told me to lay still and not move as she walked over to put the thermometer in the pan in the sink. She then took some tissues and went back to the side of the examination table. I continued laying still on my tummy, arms at my side and looking at the paintings of the animals on the wall. I then feel Nurse Kate's hand on my bottom, as her fingers slide between and spread my bottomcheeks apart as she cleans the remains of the ointment from around my bottomhole. Then slides her fingers from my bottomcheeks as they close together. She tells me she is finished with the temperature check, and that I can slide my underwear back up and sit on the edge of the examination table. She then tosses the tissues in the trashcan, takes off her gloves, washes and dries her hands, then writes information on the clipboard. She tells mom that she would let the Doctor Julie know all the exam vitals were taken, and then both of them would return to finish my examination. When the Nurse Kate left the room, mom quickly jumped up and took measurements of the examination table with dad's measuring tape. I was already moving around on the examination table and sliding my underwear back up on my waist. When mom saw that I had my underwear back up, she asked me to climb off the table using the steps at the end, so she could take pictures of the examination table. When she had finished taking the pictures, I climbed back onto the examination table, using the steps at the end. Mom told me that I was a good boy laying still on the examination table for Nurse Kate while she took my temperature in my bottom. She said she would tell my sisters of the procedures that Nurse Kate used for my temperature check and other vital readings.

As for the table, dad cut and bolted together a strong and sturdy one using the measurements and pictures mom gave him. He designed it a little longer and wider than the clinic's examination tables. But it was the same height of the examination table mom had measured that day. It was too big and heavy to carry, so he put it together in the room mom told him to use. For the tables top padding, mom made it with material from the sewing material store. It was a blue colored material that was smooth, and waterproof. She bought thick sturdy foam for the inner liner. I didn't know mom's idea about a designing an examination table, until I actually saw it with all my sisters a couple of days later. When I did see it, I was as surprised as my sisters were. No one but mom and dad knew about it until the big unwrapping event. All my sisters hugged each other as they ran up to touch it. All of them knelt down to hug me too. I watched as they practiced like they were simulating taking my temperature on the table. It was different for them, since now they were standing beside the table, instead of sitting on the edge of my bed. Mom called out that there was more. She said everyone go in the room across the hall and take a look. When my sisters opened the door across the hall, they were again surprised. Mom had bought some a floor cabinet and wall shelves for the room. She said these would be used for extra supplies which were in the bags in the corner. She had bought chairs to add, so each sister, and mom's neighbor lady friends that took my temperature when I was younger could sit, watch, and offer advice to the other sisters when my temperature checks were done. Each helped setup the room with the table in it, with the chairs. Dad helped move the floor cabinet across the hall. Each sister grabbed a bag of supplies and took it to fill up the floor cabinet. Dad said he would hang the wall shelves tomorrow. He needed to get the right hardware first. When all the items in the room, each sister again hugged each other, as they danced in a circle in the room. They were yelling a chant, but I didn't understand it. They eventually stopped, and all of them turned towards me. They all knelt down on their knees and asked if they could take turns practicing taking my temperature on the new table. They all looked over to mom, and mom looked at me, saying it was up to me. Each sister was begging, as they said they would give me candy or ice cream if I said yes. The offer was too easy to choose from, so I agreed. Each sister yelled happily and hugged each other as they danced more in the room. They all gave me a big hug. Mom told me she was happy that I willing to let my sisters practice taking my temperature on the new exam table, as she knelt down to give me a hug. Mom then told me to go to my room and undress to my underwear.

Another surprise was added to the room after I left to go to my room and undress to my underwear. Mom had bought nurse's outfits for each of my sister's. She had taken the measurements from clothes they had left in their rooms down the hall. Each sister had several choices of outfits. There were the several multi and solid-colored nurse's scrubs to choose from. Mom had even found a white nurse's outfit with the white hat and white shoes. Each sister took turns trying on each outfit, until finding the one that looked best on them. When I was done undressing to my underwear in my room, I went back to the exam room. I saw the door was closed but heard talking inside the room. I knocked several times. I heard one of my sisters answer one moment please. So, I stood there in the hallway waiting in my underwear. Right at that moment, mom then came down the other end of the hallway holding a tray. I looked and saw it had several thermometers in their cases, standing up in a metal container. She also had a pitcher of water with many ice cubes in it. I asked her what the pitcher of water and icecubes was for. She told me this was to keep the thermometers cold. Mom had brought a mini refrigerator for the room, but it would not arrive until tomorrow. She thought of using cold water and ice cubes as an alternate method for now. Mom knocked on the door, and said she was back. Then the door was opened from the inside. As mom and me walk in, I see my sister's all dressed up in the nurse's outfits. They loved the solid and multi-colored nurse outfit scrubs, but all of them wanted to wear the white nurse's outfit with white hat and white shoes. Mom noted this and wrote it in her notebook for later shopping. Her first thought was she thought my sisters would be fighting over the different colors and options of the nurse's scrubs outfits. She said she would be sure to go and get a white nurse's outfit, white hat, and white shoes for each of my sisters.

At this time mom said there was another surprise item to add to the exam room. My sister's said they had brought everything from the other room. Mom then said that the item was already in the room. Everyone looked around the room, but we didn't see anything other than the items that were brought in before. Mom then set the tray with the thermometers, and pitcher of water on the top of the floor cabinet. Each sister was smiling as they looked at the thermometers standing in their cases in the metal container. I can imagine each was thinking soon they would be holding the thermometer in my bottomhole while I was laying tummy down, arms at my side on the padded-top mattress, while the other sisters and mom watched from their chairs. Mom then went over to the closet and opened the door. She reached inside and brought out a roll of white paper. It was as wide as the padded-top table that dad had built. Mom picked it up and attached to the connectors at the raised end of the padded-top mattress. She then unrolled the paper until it covered the full length of the padded-top mattress. She then slid the end of the roll under a strap area of fabric that she had attached when making the padded-top mattress. This helped smooth the white paper. This new addition made the table look like the examination tables at the clinic. Each sister clapped as they watched mom add the white paper roll and secure it. Mom then said everything is all set, let's begin the procedure. The older sister was the one wearing the white nurse's outfit. They had played previously played a game to pick a winner for the white nurse's outfit, so it was fair for everyone. Mom told me to go and stand by the new examination table.

The older sister wearing the white nurse's outfit with white hat and white shoes was the first to take my temperature on the new examination table. My other sisters and mom each took a seat in the chairs. At this time my oldest sister asked me to climb up on the exam table using the steps at the end. I shook my head yes as I turned around and stood up on the lower step, climbed up and pulled myself up onto the padded-top mattress. I slowly crawled on my knees along the mattress and hearing the crinkling of the white paper as I moved along. As I crawled atop the padded-top mattress, unsure how far and to crawl, I stopped, looked up at my sister for guidance. She said this was a good position for me and asked me to lay down. I then laid down on my tummy with my arms at my side. I turned my head to see my other sisters and mom sitting in their chairs watching me. They were taking notes in the notebook and whispering to each other. I turned my head the other way and saw the white nurse's outfit my sister was wearing. I immediately thought that this was the view I always saw when the nurses took my temperature at the clinic. At this time the doorbell rang. Mom said she would go and see who it was. Mom left the room, as my older sister stopped from proceeding to the next step, which would have been lowering my underwear to below my knees. She did turn to the floor cabinet and take several thermometers from their cases, place them in the metal container, and pour the cold water into the metal container. When mom returned back to the room, she said she had called her neighbor lady friends earlier while she was preparing the thermometers on the tray, and the pitcher of water with the icecubes in it. She said they wanted to see the exam table, and the design of the room. Mom and her neighbor lady friends walked back into the room, they greeted my sisters sitting in the chairs, and looked up and saw my older sister behind the exam table, and me laying on the padded-top mattress with the white paper on it. They said the room looked great, and better than mom had told them about it. Mom handed each of them a notebook and told my oldest sister to continue with the procedure. My older sister then said that she wanted to start from the beginning again, so mom's neighbor lady friends could watch the full procedure from the beginning. Mom said that would be a good idea. My oldest sister then helped me up, and on my knees, turn around, and crawl back to the steps of the exam table, and onto the floor.

Again, I am standing beside the exam table. My oldest sister asked me to climb up on the exam table, lay on my tummy, with my head at the raised end of the padded-top mattress, and keep my arms at my side. She will help me to get into the right position. I turn around and step up on the steps at the end of the table, climbing up, and pulling myself up onto the padded-top mattress. I then crawl on the padded-top mattress along the white paper, hearing the crinkling sound as I moved along. I then look up at my sister as she helps me get into the right position. She nods okay, saying this is good, and asks me to lay down. I then stop and lower myself down on my tummy, with my arms at my side. I turned my head to see my other sisters, mom, and her neighbor friend ladies watching me. Each was writing in their notebook and whispering to each other about what they were watching. I turned my head the other way and saw the white nurse's outfit my oldest sister was wearing. My oldest sister says lay still for me, and don't move. I then feel fingers at the waistband of my underwear. I hear my sister ask me to raise my hips up. As I raise up, I feel my underwear being slid down off my bottom and lowered to my knees. She then says the elastic band is worn-out and she will remove them completely, so they will not be a discomfort for me. As I lay backdown on my tummy on the mattress pad, my sister raises my lower legs and slides my underwear to my feet and off. She folds them and lays them on the floor cabinet out of the way. She tells me to lay still for her as she turns toward the floor cabinet and opens one of the drawers. She reaches inside and removes a jar of Vaseline. She opens the jar and sets it aside. She sets some tissues to be used later beside the jar. I watch as she takes a thermometer from the metal container with the ice-cold water. She then dips the pear-shaped bulb into the jar. I watch as she removes the thermometer and see it had a blob of Vaseline on it. She takes some tissues and lubricates the glass shaft of the thermometer. She tosses the tissues in the trashcan. She turns back toward me laying on the exam table. She says for me to lay still, keep my arms at my side, and that she has taken my temperature like this before. She tells me to look at the animals on the poster hanging on the wall. I then feel her hand on my bottomcheeks. Gently her fingers slide between my bottomcheeks and spread them apart. I feel the coolness of the room. I know my oldest sister is looking at my bottomhole. I then feel the thermometer touching my bottomhole with the blob of Vaseline on the pear-shaped silver-bulb. I lay still, feeling a slight pressure, as the thermometer is slid into my bottomhole. Gently twirling as she slides the thermometer into me. I can feel the coldness of the thermometer because it was in the ice-cold water in the metal container. When my sister has guided half of the glass thermometer inside my bottomhole, she slowly slides her fingers from spreading my bottomcheeks apart. The five minutes for my temperature reading has begun.

While continuing to hold the thermometer inside my bottomhole, I then feel my oldest sister place her hand on my lower back as she gently twirls the thermometer in my bottomhole. She does this several times during the procedure. She and my other sisters had learned different hand placements on my back from mom as a safety step to keep me from moving around. They each alternated moving their hand on my lower back to my bottomcheeks area or rub a hand up and down on my back to keep me calm. One of mom's neighbor lady friends also did this when she took my temperature at her house. She told mom that she did this with all her children. I remember her doing this while watching her take her son Billy's temperature in his bottomhole. I knew after she took his temperature, she was going to take my temperature the same way. I then turned my head again to see my other sisters, mom, and her neighbor lady friends watching me laying on the table having my temperature check done. I looked at each sister, as they would write something in their notebook, then look back at me laying on the exam table. I always wondered what it looked like from their viewpoint. There was no mirror except the one on the door. So, I couldn't see myself laying on the exam table. I could only imagine what each sister was thinking at that moment. Maybe they were thinking of new steps, for when they would be standing beside the exam table taking my temperature. I continued to watch them as they whispered between themselves, with mom and with her neighbor lady friends. My sisters would say that I was being a good little boy, and to continue laying still until the temperature check was done. I turned my head the opposite way and saw the white nurse's outfit my oldest sister was wearing. It was closer to my face than before. I then feel my oldest sister twirl the thermometer in my bottomhole. At this time, I looked back over my shoulder at my oldest sister. I would see her face, as she was looking at the thermometer that she was holding in my bottomhole. I would again feel her twirl the thermometer inside me. She then slightly turned her head and saw me watching her and smiled. She would say, lay still for me until the temperature check is done. Be a good little boy for me and turn your head back around and look at the animal posters on the wall. Again, obeying her, I turn my head the opposite way to look at the animal posters that were hanging on the wall. I feel her hand move from my lower back. She then lays it across my bottomcheeks, as she gently twirls the thermometer in my bottomhole again. The clock on the wall slowly ticks away. The five minutes time for this temperature check is almost here.

I hear my sister say. okay let's check the thermometer and see what your temperature reading is. I then feel her hand on my bottomcheeks. Her fingers slide between them and spread them apart. She gently slides the thermometer out of my bottomhole, gently twirling as it is completely removed. She tells me to lay still so she can clean me up. She turns and reaches for a tissue she had placed out earlier. She reads the amount to my other sisters, mom, and mom's neighbor lady friends. She then lays the thermometer on the tissues, and grabs several from the opened box. She then places a hand on my bottomcheeks, slides her fingers between them spreading them apart, and cleans the excess ointment from my bottomhole area. She then slides her fingers form my bottomcheeks as they close together. She tells me I was a good boy for the temperature check, as she tosses the tissues in the trashcan. She tells me I can get up from the exam table. I move my hands under me as I push up from the table. My sister helps me to turn around and slide back to the steps, climb down and stand beside the exam table. Mom asks me if I wanted her to go get me another pair of underwear. I said I was okay not wearing any while I was having my temperature check done. One of my sisters asked if I could put on the worn-out pair, so she could practice taking them off me completely like she saw her older sister do on me earlier. I looked at mom, and mom said it was up to me if I wanted to do it like that. I said I didn't mind, and it was okay. My sister thanked me, as she came up to the table to give me a hug. Everyone in the room agreed, and said it was a good learning point to be added to the notebooks. For me, I really didn't mind if my underwear were off. For nearly every temperature check my underwear was at or below my knees. There were several times, when it was discovered that the elastic waistband was too worn, and my underwear were completely removed.

After everyone had the room had discussed and agreed on my oldest sister's temperature taking procedure, each of my other sister's took their turn taking my temperature that day. All of mom's neighbor lady friends were given the opportunity to take my temperature as well. They also asked to wear the white nurse's outfit, white hat, and white shoes uniform ensemble. Each of them loved it, as they looked at themselves in the mirror. They also tried on the solid and multi-colored nurses scrub outfits. Each loved the nice colors of the outfits. Mom said she bought them at the uniform store. Everyone that day took my temperature several times while I was laying on the exam table on my tummy, with my arms at my side. All my sister's practiced several times with me wearing underwear, not wearing underwear, or each taking the opportunity to completely remove my underwear while I was laying on the exam table, like my oldest sister did at the beginning of the day's procedures. Mom's neighbor lady friends thanked mom for inviting them over and showing them the exam room. They left later that day to go home and take care of their family. All my sisters said they wanted to continue learning more about the medical procedures. Mom showed them the medical books she had. She also showed them the Dr. Spock Baby book. She flipped through the pages to the section on taking temperatures. Each sister showed mom that the baby in the picture was laying on someone's lap and wearing no underwear. Mom said the baby had probably been wearing a diaper, and it was removed for easier access of the baby's bottom for the temperature check. Each sister agreed as they continued reading from the book. They said there was so much useful information in it. My sisters continued taking my temperature for the rest of the late morning until early afternoon.

Later, when it was time to eat, mom made lunch for everyone. The room was full of everyone chattering. I ate my sandwich and listened. The exam room was the main topic of discussion. Each sister had plenty of items to talk about, and mom always offered suggestions to help with any questionable items. After eating each sister wanted to continue showing their temperature taking procedures for the other sisters and mom. Mom said she had to run some errands, but that everyone could continue the temperature taking procedures while she was away. Two of mom's neighbor lady friends called and asked if they could come back over to our house to watch, and maybe take my temperature again in the exam room. Mom asked my sister's and me if it was okay if her friends came over, and we all said yes. Mom went back to the kitchen to get more cold water and icecubes to put in the metal containers, since the previous ice had melted, and the water was not cold anymore. She poured the remaining water in the bathroom tub. She said it will be much easier when the refrigerator is in the room. It will keep the thermometers cold. They will be easier to get to, and safer to use. She said she was getting another box of thermometers from the clinic at the end of the week. She said they told her these thermometers will all be rectal thermometers, with the pear-shaped bulbs, and red triangle tip at the opposite end. They were special ordered by the clinic from a new medical supply company. All my sisters smiled, clapped, and danced around when they heard this.

For my afternoon temperature taking sessions, each sisters wanted to wear the white nurse's outfit, with white hat and shoes again. They also wore the solid and multi-colored nurse's scrub outfits several times. Each of them swapped trying on and modeling the outfits in front of the mirror on the door. They also arranged the items in the floor cabinet, so it would be easier to grab an item during the temperature process. They set several items in the lower drawer, which could be displayed on the wall shelves when dad attached them to the wall. They decided for a good location of the mini refrigerator near the exam table. They were so happy that mom had surprised them with the examination table, the nurse's outfits, and all the other items within the room They looked forward to wearing the white nurse's outfit ensemble and having the refrigerator added to the room. Mom later had several nametags made for each sister, so she could wear it on their uniforms. Each had my sister's name, and their photo on it. Mom had the store design a red cross, and several other medical emblems on each tag. Mom continually added new items to the room to make it look like the clinic's examination rooms. For her latest addition she had dad design and wire a special lighting system. This was set so a sister or whoever wanted to take my temperature in the room could flip a switch inside the room, and it would light a small redlight in the corner of the livingroom. Everyone was told about this, and so by seeing that red light illuminating, you would know that the exam room was being used. You could go and observe or be able to show your skills for everyone else that was in the room. As the years passed my temperature was always taken in my bottomhole while I was laying on my tummy, and my arms at my side. This continued like this at home on mom's exam table in our extra room, and also when I went to the clinic for physical exams or sickness checkups.

When I had my first oral temperature check, it was very different. The hated the taste of the silver-bulb of the thermometer (even after the nurse cleaned it in the sink with cold water). I also disliked the pressure the nurse used when putting the slender silver-bulb my under my tongue. It was so different to see the slender silver-bulb tip, and blue tip coloring on the opposite end of the thermometer. (I was always used to seeing the silver pear-shaped bulb and red triangle coloring tip). There were so many questions I wanted to ask the nurse. Of course, I wanted to ask the nurse if she would take my temperature rectally with me laying on the examination table tummy down, underwear below my knees, and my arms at my side. But I had second thoughts on this and let her continue with the oral temperature procedure on me for this checkup visit. The only thing that did happen back there was a shot in my bottomcheeks, one in each cheek. I always had shots in my bottom when younger. I didn't want my arms sore later, so I asked if the nurse would give me the shot in my bottom. She didn't seem to mind. But instead of laying on the examination table, she gave them to me while I was standing up and bending over the table. Well, she did see my bottom while my underwear were lowered to my knees, but it wasn't for the temperature check.

After the checkup, I stopped by mom's house and tell her what happened at the clinic. Once arriving and going inside, we sat down in the kitchen while drinking some water. I told her of everything that happened at the clinic, and she said it was all normal procedures for my checkup. I told her about the oral temperature check. She smiled and said although different, and a way she disapproves of, it was okay that the nurse took my temperature that way. She said that I seemed confused from it and said she would answer any questions. She then explained to me the other methods for taking a temperature. She said that our household was raised on rectal temperature checks, as were many other families. She said it was not an embarrassing or unnatural procedure. She said that I should not feel immature or childish in anyway about a rectal temperature. She said that I needed to decide if I wanted to continue oral temperatures, or a different method. I told her I wanted to have my temperature taken rectally, like she all my sisters, and her neighbor lady friends she knew took it when I was growing up. She smiled and said she would take my rectal temperatures if I wanted her to. While smiling, and almost in tears I said yes, that would be great. She said she had already talked to my sisters last week, and each of them said they would take my rectal temperature if I wanted them to. She had told them I was going to the clinic for a checkup today. They told her that I would be very surprised when my temperature was taken orally or under the arm instead of rectally. Mom agreed with each of them. By this time, I had tears of joy streaming down my face, as I went over to hug mom. I squeezed her tight and told her thank you again. She looked at me and said that she wanted me to be happy. She said my sisters wanted the same thing. Little did I know of mom's surprise for my sister's and me. She had kept the exam room as it was when she designed it.

Each sister after moving away did marry and have children. The knowledge that mom taught them, and my little offerings as their temperature patient all paid off. All their children had rectal temperatures, and each sister continued mom's training procedures with their children. There were notebooks created for each of their children. Each sister had older girls and younger boys, so it was a mixture of training for their families. Although there were more girls than boys, so it was almost like when I was younger with all my sisters. One sister did go through a divorce. She never did remarry after that. Her ex cheated. Her lawyers were very good and took him to the cleaners. She is one I can always count on if I want my temperature checked. The other sisters are still available to contact but they would need a babysitter. Mom always told each of them, let her know and she would watch the children. Mom said I could contact her anytime, and she would take my temperature. She told me the “extra room” was still available if needed. Everything was still in there, exam table, floor cabinet, shelves, uniforms, and all the other supplies in the floor cabinet. My sisters had taken some of the uniforms to their house. The white nurse's outfits, with the white hat and shoes were all in the closet. She had unplugged and cleaned the refrigerator. She said it would be no problem to use cold water, icecubes, and a metal container like we used the first day in the exam room. Again, I feel my eyes water, and have reminiscing flashbacks of the many times, I was in that room with mom, my sisters, or mom's neighbor lady friends.

As a new training session with my sisters begins, I am standing beside the table, already undressed to my underwear. I am told to climb up on the table, lay on my tummy, keep my arms at my side. I feel their fingers placed at the waistband of my underwear; I am told to raise my hips as they are lowered to below my knees. Watching her walk over and take a rectal thermometer from the refrigerator, shake it down and check the reading. I see the silver pear-shaped bulb and watch as it is coated with a blob of Vaseline. You also see the glass shaft of the thermometer also lubricated. I see the red-tip triangle area at the opposite end. I continue watching as they turn and stand by the table, I hear them say I have taken your temperature like this before, you know I am gentle, so lay still for me, be a good little boy keep your arms at your side and do not move until the temperature check is done. Turn your head and look at the animal posters on the wall. I feel a hand of mom or my sister on my bottom. Two fingers slide between my bottomcheeks, spreading them apart. The coolness of the room. Then the calmness of the waiting. Gently feeling the thermometer touching my bottomhole, as some of the ointment clings to me. Then a slight, gentle pressure as the thermometer slides inside me. Gentle twirling as it is guided into me until half of the glass shaft is inserted. The coldness of the glass rectal thermometers with the pear-shaped bulb begins its reading. Slowly the two-fingers slide from spreading my bottomcheeks apart. As you feel the thermometer twirled, as a hand is placed on my lower back as a preventative to keep me still and from moving around. The five minutes begins. The five minutes continues as the clock's hands tick away. During the temperature check you feel gently twirling of the thermometer. Slight withdrawal, slight reinsertion. Several times you have looked back over your shoulder, and saw mom, or a sister standing there beside the table. You see their face as they are looking at your bottom while holding the thermometer that is inside your bottomhole. Then another twirl of the thermometer in your bottomhole, as you continue laying still. Sometimes you might see them glance at the clock on the opposite wall, or at the other sisters, or mom. Sometimes mom's lady neighbor friends that took my temperature when I was younger would be there. Several times they brought their older daughters to learn the temperature taking procedure for when they had children. Everyone would be sitting on the chairs watching her as the primary and her procedures while she takes your temperature. They may look at you and say that you are being a good little boy. They tell you to continue laying still, keeping arms at your side, and looking at the animal posters on the wall. You also look and see the other sisters, and sometimes mom sitting in the chairs watching, taking notes, about the procedure. (Mom always said to wait until the end of the temperature check for questions, unless it was a safety issue.) At this time, you turn your head the other way and look at the animal posters on the wall like you were told. You feel the thermometer twirled in your bottomhole, as you continue looking at the animal's poster on the wall. The temperature procedure continues.

A continuous process that is not bothersome or annoying. It's just part of the process. Before you know it, the five minutes has arrived. Again, you feel the hand on your bottomcheeks. Two fingers gently sliding between the bottomcheeks spreading them apart. Then the slow removal of the thermometer as it is withdrawn from your bottomhole. Slight twirling and upward motion until you feel the pear-shaped bulb slide from your bottomhole. The two fingers slide up and out from spreading your bottomcheeks apart. They close together. As you are told to continue laying still, you watch as the thermometer is placed aside on some tissues on top of the cabinet. Several tissues from a second box are taken, as you feel a hand on your bottom. Two fingers again slide between your bottomcheeks spreading them apart. Tissues are used to clean the excess ointment from your bottomhole area. The two fingers gently slide away as your bottomcheeks close together. The tissues are tossed into the trashcan. You are told that you are a good little boy and did very good for the temperature check. Your sister says let's get the underwear back up on your waist. She helps you up as you use your arms to raise up and onto your knees. She helps you stand up as your underwear have fallen to your ankles. She gently grabs them with her fingers and helps you slide them back up to your waist. She then says let's climb down off the table using the steps dad built. She helps you turn around, and down the steps to the floor. The temperature check is done for this sister and talked about with mom and the other sisters. Sometimes mom invited the neighbor friends she knew that took my temperature when I was younger. They loved mom's idea of the examination room, and the teaching procedure that mom created. They said they were going to create a notebook for their children's temperature checks. They were going to look at setting up an exam room in their houses as well. Several times they brought their older daughters to learn the procedure for when they had children. Mom had asked me if I was okay about the neighbor ladies' daughters being in the room for my temperature check. It didn't bother me since I grew up as the only boy with older sisters. I also looked at it as a learning process for them as it was for my sisters.) For this session, another good rating is given by everyone. Mom or the oldest sister tells me to go to use the bathroom if I need to, wash my hands, and then go get something to drink. She tells me to come back to the exam room so one of my other sisters, or someone else could take a turn at taking my temperature. It was always a learning moment for all my sister's, and a temperature check on me.

Mom continued to add more items to the exam room as time went on. She had taken me to the clinic several times for sickness checkups after her exam room setup at home was officially unveiled. Each time was a mirror image of all my previous visits. I was always getting my temperature taken while laying on my tummy, and my arms at my side. The nurses always held the thermometer inside my bottomhole, while her other hand was on my lower back. She told me to turn my head the other way and look at the animal paintings on the wall. Each nurse at the clinic knew mom's request for my temperatures to be taken rectally. There were several new nurse's that were hired and also briefed on this. Each of them had talked with mom and said they preferred taking temperatures rectally as it was the most accurate procedure. She told the nurse's she had designed an exam room in an extra room at home. All of the nurse's thought it was a great idea, and especially that it would be used as a learning experience for all my sisters. Mom told the nurse's she always had her notebook and camera with her. She used these to document and take pictures of the items that were in the clinic's examination rooms. The nurse's said they didn't mind, and she was welcome to take as many pictures as she needed. They were always giving mom extra medical items that were overordered. Mom had been given a box of new rectal thermometers, and lubricating ointment in the tube. The nurses said they had been using that instead of Vaseline, as it was much easier for cleanup. Mom always wanted to get one of the weigh-scales units the clinic used, but instead used a weigh-scale like the one in the bathroom. She measured height with ruler design she drew on the wall. The nurses also gave mom a full roll of the white crinkly paper for the top of the exam tables padded-top. It had the same measurements of the roll that mom had previously bought before. Mom always thanked the nurses each time. She had recommended the clinic to all our family relatives and neighbors for their children. She bought them lunches during the day, and always invited them over to our home for outdoor cookouts and family gatherings. During these visits mom always “showed off” the exam room. All the nurses and neighbors were very impressed at the creativity and details that mom had put into the exam room. They always offered new advice for possible updates. As for the white nurse's outfits all my sisters requested, mom did get more of these. She found them at the uniform store. She bought several white nurse's outfits long dresses with the white hat and white shoes. The first one she initially bought was the long white dress. She also found some white uniforms with the shorter skirts that were midthigh in length. She knew my sisters would love them. She also bought the nurses white pants and white top outfit in that final order. Also, the refrigerator did arrive, although it was later. Mom had recalled the company and they told her about deliveries issues. The company administrator told mom her order would be upgraded at no charge, to a larger unit if she desired. Mom accepted the free upgrade, and the refrigerator arrived two days later. Mom had dad place it on the sidewall where my sister's thought it should be. Mom, afterwards added another table in the room for notebooks, papers, and other items. Mom continued to add more items to the room as time went on. Her exam room was always a place for learning and showing your skills. Everyone there watching the procedures, and those that performed, always thanked mom for the invitation and opportunity to be there and looked forward to the next time. As for me, I was always given a hug and a thank-you for my little part.

Created: 2022.04.26