My PF Therapy

Well first appointment was pretty

We Went over medical history & Issues im having and she showed me a Few exercises for my Hip/Groin & Sciatica back pain. So will be a couple visits till we get to the pelvic floor exam & Therapy .. plus she asked if i was ok having another young Female therapist sit in/Help with my Sessions. She Training her to do Male pelvic Floor Therapy.

As if I didn’t have a little Axiety already that the Upcoming Intimate Exam is with an Attractive Young Asian Female

Now it’s a

Well I guess it could be a lot worse could be two old dudes with big hands..

Pelvic floor Therapy session #2

Got my 2nd MPF Therapy session Today at 1:30..

First session was just Medical History and show me some Exercises . No internal Exam or internal work For probably a couple Sessions.

Not Sure yet If Today will be one on one Therapy or a Threesome with both Therapists.

I’ve been doing the Exercises/Homework and Started back on the Home Treadmill 15-minutes Twice a Day. Going To ask today how will i know if I should be Doing Kegels or Reverse Kegels ? I assume until she Does the internal Exam she won’t know if my Pelvic Floor muscles are Tight or Weak..

Well 3rd session in the Books.

Started off asking how I was feeling I’ve been doing my exercises I told her yeah and then walking on the treadmill for 10 to 15 minutes a day twice a day little sore and tired. She started me off with 8-min on the bike, Then about 35-40 minutes and six different exercises and stretching. Then into a private room , were she explained she wants to get a little bio feedback information from my pelvic floor. Explains to me what she’s gonna do. Said she’ll leave the room for a minute while i get undressed from the waist down, lay on the table and cover up with a sheet. Couple minutes later she comes back and explains to me how the biofeedback device works tells me to bend my legs up so she can put Three sticky pad/sensors on.

One on left side of my abdomen. Then she pull sheet up and over lays it down on my hips on both sides. Then puts one Sensor on each side of my Perineum just about my Anus.

Then she has me lay my legs flat to get a baseline to see if my pelvic floor muscles are in a relaxed state. They were closed too relaxed laying Flat.

And she had me bend knees again And they were reading a little more i’m halfway up on the meter reading. Had me lay one leg straight what’s the other bent. Still fairly tight on the bent leg is on both..Then she had me lay my leg straight

And said she was gonna check The external muscles around the hips, Groin and pelvis.

So she starts massaging/needing pressure on my stomach and lower abdomen

Then across my left hip pelvis area. Then she checks the top of the pelvis/pubic bone , From my belly button to just at the top of my Penis shaft..

Slowly kneeds around and under my left Testicle down to the center of my perineum. Then she walks around the table to the right side and starts doing the same on that Side. As soon as she got to the inside Hip pelvis area that’s where my Penis way laying at the moment. When she politely said we’re gonna have to move this guy over so she picked it up and moved it over to the left. Then she Finished the same way as the other side.Of course by then i was partially Erect. I could not help it. Tells me to bend my legs again, Then Walks back around to the left side and remove the sensor from my abdomen. And then she pulls the sheet back over my knees laying it down on Groin Area . Then walks almost to Foot of Table Grabs The Sheet between my legs and lifts it up with her right hand With her left hand She reaches up and slowly peels of the Left sensor off my perineum.

And she walked around to the right side of the table and does the same thing with right side

Sensor. And she told me to lay my leg back straight, thank you poster blanket down back over covering my legs. She leaves the room for a minute and tells me to get dressed and open the door im done. Opened the door she comes back in asking about my frequent urination issues. Tell her I’m still getting up to three times a night to pee. Then she asked me if Had Sex since Last Visit. I told her yes Saturday night with the wife. I had already mentioned the urologist put me on Trimix injections for ED/erection issues. She asked me if there is any pain or discomfort with Sex or ejaculation. I told her the sex part No other then a little Sore after about 45-minutes. And just a minor pain

After ejaculating the first time.

But not after the second Time..

She did give me kind of a funny curious

But I explained to her as PG as possible the Trimix me like im 19 again but can last longer now. She said well that’s Good I assume your wife is happy about it. I told her yes and no.

Because my wife suffers from RA so we don’t get to be intimate as much as I would like And our Sexual Positions are limited by her RA pain in certain positions.

I didn’t go into very much detail. She diggs through her folder of paperwork and hands me a paper that has Different Diagrams/explanations of 15 Sexual positions. Called “Orthopedic Considerations for Sexual Activity.

She says read over these and see what works for you both. I Said thank you the scheduled me for an appointment on Friday at 11am. She said to plan on probably doing the internal rectal pelvic Floor exam Then..

A little Tired and Sore but pleased overall with this Session..

Created: 2022.02.03