We all Went through being abused - against our will- When called up for National Service in the British royal Air Force- In my case, I was just 17 years and three months and was called up, issued with a uniform (Yes- it was adjusted by a skilled outfitter) and a couple of nights later, all guys in the billet, gathered around me, stripped me off all my clothes, proceeded to take turns, and very lightly- (And slowly) tossed me off, until I shot my load, then Got me secured tied down on the 6ft table in the centre of the billet, asked me which boot polish was my favourite colour- Black or Brown, I said Black, then one guy in a mask stepped forward, and said I am going to enjoy this- Put on Rubber gloves, opened this tin of Shoe Polish, and Gave me a Pair of black Balls, and Dick - paying special attention to the Knob, and Polishing them- till it was very large and Shiney- They then turned me over, and Emptied then remains of the Tim, up my rectum. That moment, the billet door opened, the sergeant came in, said end this fun, Lights Out goodnight all. - The Masked Guy, then pulled out a Flashlight and brought my to attention, made me shoot my load, set me loose, and disappeared in the Crowd, They all dispersed. It took weeks, to restore my pale skin! Any others here had similar experiences?

Created: 2022.01.16
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