What better place than Zity to write up some of my fantasies and real life experiences. Having been around for close on 70 years now but still feel like a 30 year old I have had some amazing experiences with some wonderful women and I will indulge myself at times in writing about some of the amazing encounters that I have had in all those years.

Never having thought about any form of fetish previously until seeing it written about on the internet a few years back, quite by chance I was directed to Zity Biz and my interest in medical examinations suddenly came to the fore and I realized that my fantasies were not just unique to me alone.

In many ways that also applies to sexual activities, and it is truly amazing to read of so many people who have similar interests to me.

Hopefully this blog of mine might attract some interest, and as they say on YouTube if you like give it a thumbs up.

Created: 2021.07.07