Hi everyone.

I am Caroline and I would like to share with you my medical stories so far. So far, I haven't posted it anywhere, but I've been browsing the forum for some time and I thought it's time to change it. Hope you like it. 😃

Maybe I'll tell you something about myself at the beginning. As I mentioned, my name is Caroline and this year I will be 22 years old. I am slim, weighing 125 pounds with a height of 5,63 ft, C34 breasts, long black curly hair and green eyes. I like sports (running and swimming, sometimes a gym), I sing a little, paint and I like medicine, although I do not study in this field. I wish I could find it out earlier haha ​​(there will be a story about it too, you shouldn't be disappointed in this story). Hmm ... it's probably about me as a beginning. 😃

So I'm getting down to writing the first interesting case.