I know some have read my post and maybe thinking I may be a damaged package.

If you think my postings are negative in nature, there not, I'm just being straightforward and honest, not everybody's life starts off so hunky dory, life is life.

I'm okay with my life as it stands right now, just because bad shit happened, doesn't mean I'm boo hooin for sympathy, I'm not, and I have no room in my life for pity, I don't go to pity parties.

If some of my post makes anyone uncomfortable, that's far from my intention, if my postings don't, then don't be afraid to comment, there's no shame in saying this shit happened, or that shit happened.

Much like how I fell about suicide, which I've been touched by twice, life can be tough, it takes a stronger person to deal with the bad that life can - and does deal out, suicide is cowardice, selfish, not caring how you effect the lives of others.

It takes strength to live, as it take strength to show emotion, to admit your faults, to tell it like it is, to cry, with no shame about it, male or female

Anyways, I wanted to get that off my chest.

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