Hello All,

I have discussed this with many of you one on one, but looking to expand the conversation. I’d like to see what the interest level would be in having a Sacramento California based ‘E Fest’. Just to be clear those are ‘air quotes’ on ‘E-Fest’! I am not talking about something that official with registration and such, rather a relaxing get together of like minded friends to share a morning / day of fill-n-chill, sharing techniques and maybe for those that are willing and make a connection a little safe naughtiness!

I would envision all having their own equipment, or making arrangements with others in attending ahead of time. There could be demonstrations for the curious newbies.. and freestyle filling by exhibitionists like me!

We could go in $ on a play room... folks for out of the area could get rooms to stay in so there might be some private ‘break out sessions’ for shy folks! LOL

Anyway .. just brain storming here...

Thinking mid December of this year or early next year after Covid craziness settles down

****NOTE... NO date sent ... Seeking interest at this time ****

Looking forward to hearing from interested E friends!


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