"This is an actual account of a play exam I had several years ago. I met a real doctor several years ago. I was visiting family out of state and posted an ad on Craigslist and he responded. After chatting for a bit and me telling him I wanted a very realistic exam he asked if I wanted to schedule an appointment at his office, on the weekend of course. So I went for my exam. He brought me in the back entrance and got my height and weight and invited me to the exam room. Upon entering, he instructed me to strip down to my underwear and he would be back momentarily.

After a few minutes, the exciting knock came which signaled the beginning of one of the most memorable exams I've ever had. He covered the standard medical questions including sexual activity etc. Once he was completed with questions, he did the standard blood pressure check, ears, eyes, throat and neck gland. Once completed he started the chest exam. Putting his steposcope on telling me that it may be cold but to just relax. After listening to everything he instructed me to lay back so he could palate my abdomen and chest. He payed close attention to my nipples.

Once he was satisfied then came the fun part. He slipped his hand in my undies and pulled them down below my balls and did an initial exam of my penis and scrotum. Next came the please stand up and remove your shorts. So I removed them and my penis was thicker but not hard. This time he didn't wear gloves and had me turn my head and cough and took extra time checking things out. By the time he was finished I had a crazy erection. When it came to the rectal exam, I had asked him prior to allow me to lay back on the exam table with my feet in stirrups. I got in position, butt exposed and penis hard as all. He ignored the erection. He snapped his Gloves on and lubed his finger. He had nice fat fingers so it felt extremely good. He lingered for a while milking my prostate and then all of a sudden he started stroking my penis. He said that he wanted to obtain a sperm sample to make sure my swimmers were working. After a few minutes he went to the side of the exam table and continued to insert his finger in my rectum and this time one glove was removed and he played with my nipples while I stroked my penis. He was rewarded with a massive sample and left me for a moment to gain my composure. This was very erotic exam

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