I started being a cock sucker and taking it in my ass at the age of 13. Now I'm 56. The only thing that's changed is that i started wearing Diapers when I was 24 or so.

01-08-2021. Friday.

I may have TWO guys coming over on Sunday. The guy that is about 24, well, he and I are planning that he cums in my mouth. The other guy is about 45 I'd guess, and he agreed to give me my favorite joy juice in my ass. I feel good knowing that I'm carrying a man's load inside me for up to 72 hours All the time if he were to fuck me regularly. So, I'm hoping that Sunday will be a really good day. I'm feeling really tired, and I think I need a few good loads, so close together. It would also be nice if, sometime I could get two guys together at once at my house and we could all agree that both of them are going to stick their cocks in my ass, at the same time. (And hopefully, it would excite them enough to uncontrollably cum in me at the same time). Wouldn't that be a rush? I'd probably fall in love with their peters. Wish me luck tomorrow. I could really use this to to make me feel better. I wish I could get a group of 10 to 20 young white guys, all waiting in a circle with hard cocks, and I'm playing the pivot-girl. Hmmm, we'd need an item for me to lay on so one could ass-fucking with me on my Back, another could ass-fuck me from above, and another guy should be cumming in my mouth. Wow. I get so excited when I write this stuff down.

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