I was chatting online with this divorsed rich old lady that

asked me to give her a house call since she was sick in the

bed taking lots of medication for depression and her drinking

problem. Upon arrivel at her luxurious house she left her

backdoor open for me to meet her in the upstairs bedroom.

She was on her bed and told me that her medications were not

making effect and she was not getting better, she told me

that she loved my erotic chat, read my stories and photos

of my sessions and she would masturbate to them and that

today with the help of some Vodka, she had the courage to

ask me to give her the house call that she always had wet dreams

about. Looking into her eyes I proceeded to shove my hand

under the sheets to search for her pussy. So my dear you had

been so lonely in this big mansion with nobody to take care

of your needs? Yes Doctor, I have all this money from my ex

husband, but feel very lonely and afraid to meet other men

that could hurt me emotionally like he did. I can feel that

by your soft panties and shaved pussy that you got lots of

lust inside you and need to let the desire come out. Yes Doctor

your hand feels really good! Relax open your legs wide so

I can massage your clit better my dear. Yes Doctor, please

do what your feel is needed. Tell me what you had been doing

on the internet to find out more about your restricted sexual

life. I had been reading a lot about enemas because, when

I was in the hospital few months ago, a nurse administered

me an enema and somehow that let me feel exposed and under

her control and feeling that nozzle go up my tight virgin

hole generated some lustful sensations that made want

to orgasm once I was back home thinking of it. Really my dear?

Is that why you contact me? Yes, I was reading about your

profile and once I found out that one of your expertees is

anal training and enemas, my mind started to wonder if you

could make me feel better, since orgasms seem to calm myself

down and make me feel better than any other medication could

do for me. My ex hubby was one of those vanilla guys that cum

too fast and do not care about if the partner cums or not.

I almost never could get orgasms with him, only by playing

solo with my vibrator. Her shaved pussy was feeling really

good and the fingering of her clit was making her eyes look

up to the ceiling. Humm, Doctor you know how to touch the

right places. That is nothing my dear, I think is time for

you to feel the two small egg shapped vibrators go up your

wet pussy. HUMMMM, yes that feels really good. Tell me my

dear would you like to iniciate your enema treatment? Yes

Doctor. Turn around on your fours for me to train you anally for your

enema.I inserted a glicerin suppository in then I lubricated

a small size butt plug and worked her tight hole in and out

increasing to a medium and finally to a big size one (that

she was only able to take half way). When her hole was gapping

I inserted the first lubricated ballon of the double (commercial

name) nozzle, which once inflated together with the other

ballon on the outside, was the inicial set up to be able to

start to let the constant flow of warm clean water go in filling

her up. I proceed to use a dong (10 inch long and very thick

lubricated dick shaped dildo) going in and out her pussy

while having her clit fingered. HUUUUUUMMMMM, she moaned.

You like that don't you? That is what you need don't

you? Want to cum for me my dear? Let me spank your ass good

(I gave her few slaps while she was taking about half of the

4 quarts enema bag and all of a sudden: HOOOOOO. She did cum

really good. After I made her expell it I placed her under

my body and fucked her pussy first than her ass, which is

where I did cum. I prescribed a weekly enema treatment where

she would have to take soapy, tea, coffee and other types

of enema mixes administered by various kinds of implements

and she was supposed to be on her bed with ass up short skirt

and bikini panties on her fours with a anal thermometer

on inserted all the way waiting for me to check her temperature

which was always very hot and ready for her anal treatment...

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