Everyone (here) (who has a medical fetish) has come to their fetish in their own unique, and very, very personal way. Some of them have come to terms with it early on, and some of us have hung onto it as a source of shame and embarrassment for decades. If you haven't guessed, I'm one of the latter.

I've seen plenty of movies/TV where a character finally goes to Alcoholics Anonymous or the like and begins healing and dealing with their plight by finally finding a group of others who understand them and to whom they can finally open up. I think, perhaps, I've been seeking the same thing and only recently just started to find it. While it seems absurd to correlate the two situations, I find actually that they have more in common than not:

  • Both require and provide anonymity -- no one inside the group would ever expose someone else to anyone not in the group.
  • The first step for both situations is a sort of confession -- admitting something that is, to some extent, out of our control.
  • Strength comes from finding that you're not alone.

Now that I've started to open up about the details of my fetish on a couple of recent postings, I've discovered the catharsis that comes with writing it down and sharing it openly with others who either understand, or, at the very least, will not judge. Thank you, all of you reading this and even those who are not, for being that non-judgmental audience for me. And now, if you will allow me, I have a few stories, thoughts, and experiences that I'd like to relate.

Created: 2020.01.03
Updated 4 years ago