I was introduced to enemas in the 1970s by a nurse I had a secret crush on (I based the story My First One" on that experience). She was totally professional in giving me my first enema, but I was very embarrassed by my reaction to it. I had known what enemas were, but I'd never had one. I'd heard that enemas were painful, embarrassing, and something to be avoided. But my initial embarrassment to learn I was to be given an enema soon turned into embarrassment that I was getting turned on by the procedure. For many years, I thought I was alone in this fetish until I read a "Special Preference" letter in Penthouse Forum. After I read that first letter, I did my best to find other letters in other magazines. Over the many years, I've collected many of those magazines and have decided to type up these classic enema tales and post them here. I did not write any of these letters and I will do my best to give credit here where I can. But I think these are part of the "enema awakening" history that many of us are now benefiting from and I wanted to post these as a bit of history to the new enema fans