soggy soggy

Due to the way I way raised, I ended up looking for men to enjoy. I figured out that men would play with me quicker than women would. I also figured out that if I played the role of a woman, they'd want to play with me even more. So I quickly adapted myself to trying to think like a woman. For decades, I have forced myself to believe that since I'm playing the role of a woman, I should not let my cock get hard. As a result of forcing myself to think like that, I can kneel before a man, watch him unzip his pants and pull his limp or semi-hard cock out of his underwear, and not get even a tiny bit of a hard on in my pants. Instead, I look at it with anticipation as I take my glasses off, and take my top teeth out (I have no bottom teeth), and lean forward as I open my mouth and put the head of his cock between my lips. After a few pumps of my mouth, and his cock is slicked up enough to start sucking on his cock faster. I always try to make a man cum as quickly as I can.

I've often thought of going to the porn store, dressed up as a woman, and having a line of men taking turns blowing their loads of cum into my ass. And also sucking on a lot of cocks and having to swallow many loads of cum. If I could be very sure of having a lot of men show up to do that, I'm pretty sure I would go through with it. The only reason I have never done it, is because I don't want to show up dressed like that at the porn store, and then have no one to take turns at my mouth and ass. It's a fantasy that I've had for many years. I would very much like to see it come true. I've mentioned it on a few blog-sites, but I've never had anyone help me to make it happen.