Mr C Mr C

Hey friends. I had a recent experience that I really want to share. Unfortunately it won't be able to share today, but I will come back and share details later. For now here is the basics of what happened.

First, I was traveling out of state for work and ran into a former coworker from a previous job. I had always thought she was extremely good looking and probably out of my league. In fact she is 15years younger than me and I just assumed that was a deal breaker. We were at the same hotel for a week and went to dinner together the first night.

Durring dinner it came up that I had never tried marijuana before. As it turned out she had some edibles on her that she shared with me. Not knowing how much I should eat I took a full cookie and had a lot of alcohol. I know that was a really bad idea. I went to my room alone that night messed up like never before. I was experiencing a weird inability to track time. I was so freaked out that I kept texting her into the night.

I don't know how I got out of bed the next morning, but after only 4 hours of sleep I had to get moving and start my day. Throughout the day we texted back and forth about it. She kept dropping subtle hints that she wanted to get together again. Of course I was all in. I got back to the hotel a little early and got another 2 hours of sleep before we went out again. This is when the fun began.

I am really excited to share. I can't wait to tell the story. I'm also really excited that she and I will have another opportunity in a month to get together. I don't know how I will be able to wait that long to see her or get high. My God she has turned me into a monster. LOL!

Mr. C