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This blog is based on the art of Julie Delcourt. It is told from the point of view of a young man in his early twenties renting a room in a Victorian style house, along with a young lady of the same age

It is a large house, inhabited by four women in their early forties. A young lady in her earl twenties also rents a room here. The young man and young woman have become friends. They discover that the share a strong interest in the sexual pleasure of enemas, and begin to indulge each other. One day, they forget to lock the bathroom door and are discovered, mid-enema, by one of the women. A house meeting is convened. The 4 women share that they are also klysmophiliacs, and they offer a proposition to the renters. If they agree to play a submissive part in the women’s enema activities, they may live there rent free. Both of them love the idea, and readily agree.

People encountered in the blog:

Steve – the young man renting a room. He is medium height and slight build, with dark curly hair.

Michelle – the young lady renter. She is petite, yet curvy and has flowing wavy hair, worn to shoulder length

Mary – A tall 42 year old. Nicely built with flowing locks of black hair

Susan – 40 with a cute heart-shaped face and a bobbed do

Ruthann – 43 and a Rubenesque natural red head

Betty Lou – a statuesque woman with blonde hair to the middle of her back and a beautifully pear-shaped bottom.

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