While I grew up in a household in New England where spankings never happened…and not because I didn’t do things which I definitely deserved a spanking for…the same things for which all my buddies in the neighborhood and at school regularly received thorough lickings with a razor strop. I heard their stories and sometimes heard their lickings being delivered…pretty impressive.

Those ear-witness lickings were primarily from the Sullivan household next door where the three boys (Ernie, Bobby, Ricky) were often given lickings with a razor strop. Bobby was my age and we developed an “interesting” friendship based on the punishment his dad delivered. More on that down the road.

Maybe my parents were “politically correct” well before the rest of the country caught on…too bad. Even at a fairly young age of 5 or 6 years I felt they were letting me down by not spanking me. Even long before it came to my adult awareness, I think I actually envied my friends, who from time to time found themselves at the receiving end of their dad’s razor strop, and curiously I felt both terrified of the razor strop…and envious or left out. I wanted a licking too…and I still do! I was still getting “butterflies” (i.e., later known as sexual stimulation) every time I walked into a barbershop as a kid, as well as years later as an adult. Just watching the barber’s strop, hanging from the barber chair, swinging back and forth after the straight razor stropping the barber engaged in, brought up all those feelings. That is also true every time I run into an old razor strop in an antique shop or flea market today. What stories could that old strop tell? And what about TV and movie incidences when a razor strop came into play? As an adult I’ve assembled quite a collection of old razor strops as a result. Looking to give away most at this point. Any takers?

My dad occasionally spoke of the lickings he got with my grandfather’s razor strop. Additionally, my dad actually had a razor strop. So what happened there? I’ll never know.

Punishment of kids at school (boys-only it seemed) was not only allowed but accepted by parents. At school the nuns (who came from Canada to the States) made use of what was called the “Canadian School Strap” which they paraded through the classroom at the beginning of every school year as a reminder. While it was somewhat shorter (18”) than the standard razor strop (24”) found in most homes (most of which were double-ply leather) the Canadian School Strap was about as wide, single-ply, and thicker, much less flexible, total leather from end-to-end, with a handle cut out at one end. It looked like a wooden paddle, but was all leather, usually dark brown or black, shiny leather. When put to use by the nuns (at the drop of a hat!) it was administered very rigorously to the seat of the boy’s pants, with the strapping being limited to only 6-8 licks. It was enough to get a boy howling…perhaps knowing that his dad would finish the job that evening with the razor strop at home. I was a good kid (not!) at school and I never personally “met” the Canadian School Strap…though I do own a couple now.

As disturbing as the above might sound to some, it’s what was not only tolerated at that time, but expected. Most of my buddies answered to the razor strop well into high school…lucky butts!!

There are a lot of related stories…many real…many fictional…touching on this topic. I like both and I love razor strop talk! Anyone else share this fetish? Maybe we could correspond? Lets talk?

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