Hello and welcome to my blog. I will try to update as often as I can...Well for me it started back when I was around 10. My family had just moved and having no friends in the area I would tour about on my bike after school. That's when I began to notice the baby pants and nappies drying out doors. No disposables back then What was it that attracted me to them? . I guess like many of us I will never know but attracted I was and was soon out grabbing terry nappies and baby pants with my grubby little fingers. Now being the youngest of three kids it was by no means easy to hid my stash. I did my best and enjoyed my stash when I could have time alone. Over the years of my night time raids I was shouted at and chased a few times but never caught lucky for me, or life could have been some what different. It didn't take long for me to discover that the baby pants would never fit , always bursting part way up my legs. Then by chance I found that the ones for girls with nylon outer and frills had a special trick. Like all the other pairs they burst at the sides but the nylon outer would expand and still cover a terry and give that babyish look. I enjoyed my secret as often as I could , It would be a few years before I found out that nappies and baby pants were made in bigger sizes to fit even me.

Updated 8 months ago