Random Thoughts..... One of the things that struck me when I found this wonderful site wasn't just that others felt like I did, but the fact that so many of us have life partners that we dearly love, but who don't, won't or don't even know about the things that arouse us. A common theme throughout the different fetish rooms seems to be: "How can I get my wife, husband, lover or even friend to participate or even accept my secret desires". How does this happen? Is it because the attraction of opposites to each other is a double edged sword. Or is it because in our insecure desire to be accepted by someone who attracts us, we end up repressing our desires with the rationale that we will gradually break it to them or that it's just not that necessary to our happiness at the time.

All I know is that as I have aged and hopefully evolved somewhat from a typical orgasm driven man my desire and even my NEED for participation in and satisfaction from some of societies taboo activities has gotten stronger and more insistent to the point of daring to find it elsewhere. As a man this scares me because I have seen the vitriol and sheer vindictiveness of women who found out their husbands were having some kind of intimate sexual activities outside of their marriage. I love my wife and don't want to ever hurt her, but as my primary sex organ has morphed from my cock to my brain, her libido has retreated into a sewing and baking fetish.

I would like to hear other's experiences about this either publicly or privately.

Maybe I think too much.

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Repressed desires?

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