Accidental Caught Naked at Work

My boss was the stereotypical successful professional woman. Sharply dressed, very fit and not a single blonde hair out of place. She did have one little vice that we all kept quiet. Every day at lunch, she would leave our office to drive just off of company property to smoke. Our company policy was "No Smoking" anywhere on the property. There was an office park adjacent to our building that became her unofficial smoking lounge.

On this particular day, I was leaving early, just after lunch and my plans were to hit the gym. I got all of my work done during lunch and went into the single restroom the four people in our office suite shared to change.

As she does everyday, I heard my boss returning. Her routine was solid. She would come in, go to her desk, spray herself with perfume then go to the restroom. I had just taken off my clothes and was standing, preparing to put on my workout clothes when the door came flying open. Although the door was locked it apparently wasn't completely closed. We both just froze for a second with me standing there totally naked. Then she closed the door and apologized over and over.

I got dressed and quickly snuck out of the office. Neither of us ever mentioned that incident ever again.

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