• JohnnyCee JohnnyCee


    Enemas, Spanking, D/S, & Sex & whatever....

    Updated : 2018.07.02
  • Sensitive-German-Enema-Giver Sensitive-German-Enema-Giver


    Are there other forums in the internet,where enema-friends meet,exchange?

    Updated : 2018.06.19
  • bridgette bridgette

    Technical Difficulties

    Its not always easy being me

    Updated : 2018.06.17
  • Isaac Isaac

    Random blog entries

    I created this space for random thoughts on enemas and spankings as well as stories that i write and experiences to share. I grew up with enemas and spankings as a kid - although they never really happened together. They have become a huge part of my life. I hope you enjoy my entires

    Updated : 2018.06.10
  • supermoney777 supermoney777

    2018 Physical

    Just had my 2018 physical exam.

    Updated : 2018.06.08
  • DiaperedDavid DiaperedDavid

    Be Careful What you Wish For ...

    This is an experience I had wearing my first pair of Locking Plastic Pants. Like the Title tells you; be careful what you wish for...

    Updated : 2018.06.05
  • JR3 JR3

    Luck of the Irish

    Fáilte! Some random thoughts I have, kinky and personal. I can only promise my honest thoughts and experiences, nothing more, nothing less.

    Updated : 2018.06.02
  • babyash babyash

    Incon 24/7

    My life being total bladder incon and wearing nappies and plastic pants 24/7 at an early wearing nappies was the norm but as i got older and i was still wearing them and my frienfs were potty trained both day and night i asked my aunt why i was still in them she sat me down and expla…

    Updated : 2018.06.02
  • docm1030 docm1030

    Yearly Physicals

    Here is a blog about my yearly doctor visits.

    Updated : 2018.05.30
  • nytwatch1 nytwatch1

    Trying to be sane

    Maybe I should'nt be here?

    Updated : 2018.05.27
  • miket miket

    Childhood Remembered

    It is said that sexual development begins in our very first years. We develop an emotional and physical foundation for sexuality in many subtle ways as we grow. I can personally attest to that for sure. I have long been fascinated about how certain aspects of my own early childhood …

    Updated : 2018.05.23
  • Dave3 Dave3

    Your Obediantly

    Dear Master

    Thank you for having me keep a blog of my daily routine,tasks and assignments. I will do my best to keep track of and add to this blog on a daily basis

    Yours Obediantly

    Updated : 2018.05.17
  • slip right in slip right in

    new enema buddy

    I made a new enema buddy on line here. Earlier we set up 3 previous dates but had to cancel for good reasons, though I was afraid I was being led on. Finally we had contact and it was more that I hoped. He acquired the room on the medical center area and had the room all prepared ah…

    Updated : 2018.05.17
  • Searching4 O Searching4 O

    Trip, stumble, fall & graceful rise

    Looking back it's easy to see my mistakes, but dwelling on them won't change what's done. Instead I'm choosing to focus on how to navigate life currently and find what is going to bring me peace, pleasure and endless possibilities for new enriching experiences.

    Updated : 2018.05.08

  • Christian's Playpen

    Blog that describes my life in diapers and how I got into the AB/DL lifestyle

    Updated : 2018.05.06
  • Nurselover70 Nurselover70

    Do you talk open over youre fetisch

    Hee friends i have desitet to open up my life and talk about my feelings to oder people sooo i went on a dating site. And talk about my little secret and gues what the most say ....ok i never heart about it but i like the thinking sbout it maybe i try it out! Next time i talk too the…

    Updated : 2018.04.30
  • MinMin MinMin

    My Blog

    Introduction text here. To be updated.

    Updated : 2018.04.29
  • Spark19 Spark19

    Sparks of Imagination

    Accidental Caught Naked at Work

    My boss was the stereotypical successful professional woman. Sharply dressed, very fit and not a single blonde hair out of place. She did have one little vice that we all kept quiet. Every day at lunch, she would leave our office to drive just off of c…

    Updated : 2018.04.23
  • cincy cincy

    That’s when it really gets good.

    She is not a classic dominant, and will not demand or punish, but she will usually get her own way, and will never do any thing she does does not want to do. I am the one who is a little kinky and I think she likes it, she does go along with most of it. Maybe I am topping from the …

    Updated : 2018.04.14
  • WildBill2 WildBill2

    I know I'm strange.

    Hey, this is @WildBill2. If you met me, you might think I'm a pretty normal guy, but sexually speaking I'm deeply strange. Just read my profile. I'd love to be live as a bi man, which I am at heart, and also be able to magically jump into a woman's body and be a bi woman--to experien…

    Updated : 2018.04.03