• debgurl

    The Musings of an Enema Lover

    Enemas....so misunderstood, so mischaracterized and yet so delightful! This is a blog devoted to my adventures in the wonderful world of enemas...from things I've tried (and things I would never try again) to those things that go to make for a wonderful and often erotic experience. P…

    Updated : 2020.09.23
  • curtina

    Chill Blacky Memorial

    Where is Cill Blacky?

    Updated : 2020.09.21
  • Temperature


    I had a traumatic brain injury (tbi) a few years back. Very frustrating as my short term memory is severely affected. Its a challenge but I still work at my high tech job. It doesn't however come without frustration. I am slower than I used to be but I have a greater appreciation…

    Updated : 2020.09.21
  • odonata

    A weekend I'll remember.

    I decided to write this because things changed significantly with my wife and her dislike of enemas. I don't know how long or short this will end up. I guess I'll just add stuff as I think of it. I'll probably write about my solo ene- devers also, and whatever else crosses my old, ad…

    Updated : 2020.09.19
  • chiefmojorisin

    My most embarrassing/exciting medical procedure

    The most embarrassing/exciting medical procedure I’ve ever had was an anorectal mamography. It involved a nurse, who was a fairly attractive African-American woman, probably in her 40s, inserting a balloon into my anus for a good half an hour.

    I had to give myself 2 enemas beforeha…

    Updated : 2020.09.14
  • physical68

    Play Exam 1 Script

    Reason For Visit: College Physical

    Setting: Pediatrician's Office






    Tuning Fork

    Reflex Hammer

    The following is a physical exam carried out on a patient prior to enrolling in college. Jason arrives at his pediatrician's office fo…

    Updated : 2020.09.14
  • Forumtester

    Test for Images


    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea comm…

    Updated : 2020.09.14
  • Emom

    What fun it can be at this age

    OK, I turned 60 last year and menopause is now a way of life. In the past few years I have become both a mother-in-law and a grandma--twice. My husband and I are loving our lake house getaways and in a way each is like its own little shacking up event reminiscent of those wonderful t…

    Updated : 2020.09.08
  • ginnie

    lifes uncertainty

    This will be about my thoughts sexuality life changes and the good times ive had

    Updated : 2020.08.30
  • gflin

    Hi, my name is Scott, and I have a medical fetish

    Everyone (here) (who has a medical fetish) has come to their fetish in their own unique, and very, very personal way. Some of them have come to terms with it early on, and some of us have hung onto it as a source of shame and embarrassment for decades. If you haven't guessed, I'm one…

    Updated : 2020.08.29
  • Turkey1

    ...and then there's that.

    The problem with having a good and active brain, is that you almost never run out of ideas...

    Updated : 2020.08.29
  • janie39


    Fantasy's are un-limited and allows the mind to create fetishes, scenarios, characters and thoughts that stimulate the inner body. We all fantasize and no two are alike, hoping to naturally release tensions and functions. This is a good way to get relieve.

    Updated : 2020.08.14
  • easy123

    Ancient Civilizations and Enemas

    Recently I was reading about the history of enemas and came across some very interesting facts that I thought it would be fun to share with all who are interested in the subject.

    Updated : 2020.08.10
  • Flames


    What is coronavirus?

    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some causing illness in people and others circulating among animals, including camels, cats and bats.

    The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new virus that causes re…

    Updated : 2020.08.09
  • madihadi37

    A Simple Strip Search

    I have been experiencing a strip search fetish lately. Where a male officer searches a shy female who is arrested and the nature of her crime requires a search. Nothing that is overly-sexual. Just the humiliation of forced nudity and dominance. If this is what you are looking for her…

    Updated : 2020.08.09
  • prettypatientpp

    Petty's Blog

    Here I will share incidents about how I am discovering myself slowly and also about my real medical appointments.

    Updated : 2020.08.08
  • Redxell

    Mastrubate together on chat

    A blog for everyone who wants to meet like minded fetishists and wank partners.

    Updated : 2020.08.04
  • Sha

    Why I need a mistress? and other things

    My first attempt at a blog.

    Updated : 2020.07.31
  • What I love about my kinks

    I have a variety of interests and, to some, kinks. I'm not into major pain (mild is fine) or medfet. I expect my entries will be more like random thoughts and ramblings rather than organized, well thought out essays. As I post them, I hope some will enjoy them. I know I will enjo…

    Updated : 2020.07.29
  • FredD

    Exploring my journey of discovery: #MyMedFet

    Just having recently become aware of my relation to MedFet, I wanted to start posting here to share my journey of discovery, and perhaps to help others who are just starting down this path. To be fair, I'm largely writing for me - as a form of expression and, well, yes, therapy. So…

    Updated : 2020.07.28