My Place In The World

    Ramblings and musings from a true Pansexual Submissive

    This blog is going to be a trip through the thoughts and feelings from the inside on the trip through life.

    As a preface, I was born in 1957, a bright bouncing baby boy, number 2 of 4 bouncing baby boys. We lived less than 2 mile…

    Updated : 2019.05.31
  • caresabouthealth caresabouthealth

    The Megz

    This is my life...

    Updated : 2019.05.24
  • bbw4doc bbw4doc

    My blog

    I think, after a few tries, I'm finally figuring out how this blog thing works.

    Updated : 2019.05.18
  • PopStrop PopStrop

    Razor Strap

    While I grew up in a household in New England where spankings never happened…and not because I didn’t do things which I definitely deserved a spanking for…the same things for which all my buddies in the neighborhood and at school regularly received thorough lickings with a razor stra…

    Updated : 2019.05.14
  • madihadi37 madihadi37

    A Simple Strip Search

    I have been experiencing a strip search fetish lately. Where a male officer searches a shy female who is arrested and the nature of her crime requires a search. Nothing that is overly-sexual. Just the humiliation of forced nudity and dominance. If this is what you are looking for her…

    Updated : 2019.05.14
  • jhenry922 jhenry922

    Used buy an enema couple

    Enslaved to a man and woman, J. gets and mouth and assfull from both.

    I got to the farm just ahead of schedule, traffic being lighter than I had predicted. Their place was pretty empty except for a few vehicles parked over by the far end. I did as instructed and followed the dirt roa…

    Updated : 2019.05.13
  • FreakyDabbler FreakyDabbler

    Adventures of a Noobie Kinkster

    Following are short stories based on experiences I've started partaking in to explore my kinkier side. And maybe some random thoughts mixed in here and there along the way....

    Updated : 2019.05.12
  • JTMac JTMac

    As The Wheels Turn

    What goes on in my head - memories, fantasies, observations - with perhaps a sexual twist

    Updated : 2019.05.08
  • Wolf2007 Wolf2007


    Yesterday morning, my wife, lover, companion, team mate, sailor, hiker, singer died from pulmonary complications of ALS. After she passed, my daughter and I, who had been standing a twenty hour vigil, administering medications, keeping her comfortable, opened the deck door to allow h…

    Updated : 2019.04.19
  • UncleO UncleO

    Street Cents

    A suitable bushel under which to record random thoughts, opinions and observations.

    Updated : 2019.04.17
  • Johnnywater Johnnywater

    enema diary

    my enema diary

    Updated : 2019.04.17
  • pcguy pcguy

    Kenny Goes to Hell

    This is the beginning of a story from Paul Frey on the website malespank.net. The fictional story is told by a 19 year old boy who enters a reform school program designed to break him down and rebuild him.

    Updated : 2019.04.09
  • anng anng


    I’ve been watching the recent college scandal happenings involving many famous and rich parents, but I think it serves as a good notice to ALL parents. My 2 cents opinions piece!

    Updated : 2019.04.07
  • Westy Westy

    Remembering those "golden years"

    I was born in the 1950s meaning that I got to experience those golden years of the enema although I honestly didn't think of them that way. This blog tells of my experiences and often is the result of my responding to thought cues from others here.

    Updated : 2019.03.28
  • arthur arthur

    De tout et d'autres choses

    Fisting and anal pleasures. Le fist et les plaisirs anals.

    Utiliser de l'eau de pluie lorsqu'il ne faut pas d'eau potable. Use rainwater when no drinking water is needed

    Le D.A.D.A.

    Updated : 2019.03.18
  • exam doc exam doc

    Group physical

    The only group exam I ever had was when I was a seventh grader for sports.

    Updated : 2019.03.09
  • SoMDBadBoi SoMDBadBoi

    Adult boy - Getting to his Bottom

    I have thought for a while about writing about the memories and also some of the fantasies relating to medical practices and discipline in my life. The interesting thing is that I have followed this site for a number of years and read a fair amount of contain even though I became a …

    Updated : 2019.03.07
  • 12bumblebees 12bumblebees

    2017-P Penny !

    The 2017-P penny. The U.S.Mint used the " P " mint mark and released them into general circulation. Mintage: Probably into the billions, but I've found only 1 in change and it was stained (typical for zinc content cents). They might have some long term collector value. Bank wrapped r…

    Updated : 2019.03.05
  • dustydave dustydave


    To all my friends, I really enjoy chatting with all of you here.I like hearing your intrests.I have not been on here long.All of you have been very nice and we disagree and things and that is fine.However you are going to come across one that likes to be rude,and use bad language.Don…

    Updated : 2019.03.02
  • Mashie Mashie

    The Life of a Nurse

    This is my third attempt to create a blog, maybe this time I can finally get it right, lol. Crazy as it may be, I can save your life, but please don't ask me to turn your computer on for you, lol. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, I am a complete…

    Updated : 2019.03.02