• arthur arthur

    De tout et d'autres choses

    Fisting and anal pleasures. Le fist et les plaisirs anals.

    Utiliser de l'eau de pluie lorsqu'il ne faut pas d'eau potable. Use rainwater when no drinking water is needed

    Le D.A.D.A.

    Updated : 2019.03.18
  • BenDover BenDover

    Ben Dover's Medical Experiences

    Just some fond memories about exams and my emotions and feelings that accompany them.

    Updated : 2019.03.15
  • babyboy20 babyboy20

    It's a blog wooo.

    Just my thoughts on the world I perceive around me.

    Updated : 2019.03.10
  • exam doc exam doc

    Group physical

    The only group exam I ever had was when I was a seventh grader for sports.

    Updated : 2019.03.09
  • SoMDBadBoi SoMDBadBoi

    Adult boy - Getting to his Bottom

    I have thought for a while about writing about the memories and also some of the fantasies relating to medical practices and discipline in my life. The interesting thing is that I have followed this site for a number of years and read a fair amount of contain even though I became a …

    Updated : 2019.03.07
  • 12bumblebees 12bumblebees

    2017-P Penny !

    The 2017-P penny. The U.S.Mint used the " P " mint mark and released them into general circulation. Mintage: Probably into the billions, but I've found only 1 in change and it was stained (typical for zinc content cents). They might have some long term collector value. Bank wrapped r…

    Updated : 2019.03.05
  • dustydave dustydave


    To all my friends, I really enjoy chatting with all of you here.I like hearing your intrests.I have not been on here long.All of you have been very nice and we disagree and things and that is fine.However you are going to come across one that likes to be rude,and use bad language.Don…

    Updated : 2019.03.02
  • Mashie Mashie

    The Life of a Nurse

    This is my third attempt to create a blog, maybe this time I can finally get it right, lol. Crazy as it may be, I can save your life, but please don't ask me to turn your computer on for you, lol. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, I am a complete…

    Updated : 2019.03.02
  • Wondering Wondering

    Wondering's wonderings

    Just hoping this will be a safe place to share my thoughts.

    Updated : 2019.03.01
  • MedfetFTM MedfetFTM


    My fantasies, experiences, and desires.

    Updated : 2019.02.28
  • Johnl Johnl

    An aussie's musings!

    Had an amusing incident recently and not sure where to post it!

    Updated : 2019.02.25
  • neapolitan7th neapolitan7th

    Pornographic Musings

    Dumping ground for stories from my kinky life, fantasies, erotica, etc.! I accidentally deleted my old blog

    Updated : 2019.02.24
  • Vallyman Vallyman

    I'm having fun

    I,m a guy that grew up with enemas and liked them from age 4. I like to have fun with both men and women that like enemas, I have written some of the stories of things that I did over the yeas and I have put a spin on some of them I hope all enejoy them, I enjoyed writting them

    Updated : 2019.02.23
  • Lenchick Lenchick

    Something about me and my thoughts or anything else (first attempt)

    Well, it’s my very first joining sites where people can have their blogs.

    Let’s try what will come out from it.

    Don’t be too strict.

    I hope if you come across my blog, you will find interesting or at least like something here.

    Have a great time, enjoy and be yourself here. (I rea…

    Updated : 2019.02.21
  • aSingleMan aSingleMan

    Since I joined the Zity

    Mostly I will write about my anal obsession

    Updated : 2019.02.20
  • Puppy Colin Puppy Colin

    My diary

    This blog is going to be about my new life

    so this year I decided to go full out and now I’m going to write about my change of life

    So I have decided to use my diaper for everything and most of the time eat drink baby food

    Updated : 2019.02.19
  • FredD FredD

    Exploring my journey of discovery: #MyMedFet

    Just having recently become aware of my relation to MedFet, I wanted to start posting here to share my journey of discovery, and perhaps to help others who are just starting down this path. To be fair, I'm largely writing for me - as a form of expression and, well, yes, therapy. So…

    Updated : 2019.02.15

    3HNMA's Journey into new and old kinks blog

    Sharing experiences for those who may be interested. Long time enema and suppository aficionado. A place where I can share my experiences and also my journey into some newfound kinks.

    Updated : 2019.02.08
  • kinkycouple2 kinkycouple2

    The Master's Pleasure

    This is a writing about an erotic BDSM enema session. The session was planned to be 24 hours long.

    Updated : 2019.02.06
  • efun42 efun42

    My first three enemas

    Reflecting back on my first few enemas

    Updated : 2019.02.06