• jack123 jack123


    looking for a WF that likes to travel scuba and go fishing Im 69 years old. still looking for fun and adventure and a fun loving companion. My wife passed away in june this year. I like all anal fun. enemas big small hot cold toys electricity . colonics are very enjoyable

    Updated : 2018.10.07
  • transgirl transgirl

    My life, warts and all

    Blog introduction text. This is to be changed by the owner of the blog.

    Waiting for the update...

    Updated : 2018.09.27
  • sandie sandie

    A few things about me: diapers, crossdressing, submissive cravings

    Hello, I'll use this blog to try express my sexuality, fetishes, and how they fit into my life.

    Updated : 2018.09.24
  • RoarLiana RoarLiana

    32 and Writing my first blog ever lol

    I'm a 32 year old lover of all things kinky. Especially plugs as a lifestyle, watersports incl enemas, and anything anal. Inspired by zity's topics to share my thoughts.


    Updated : 2018.09.18
  • supple supple

    My Avatar Postures

    This blog describes my avatar photos, which - I hope - will progress.

    Actually, it is not so much the photos, but my exercise regimes, progress, and desires.

    The images themselves are in my album named Avatar Photos (of course!)

    I don't think I will be writing more than once every 2…

    Updated : 2018.09.05

  • Mandy's Blog

    .Just a random blog about a girl's adventures with enemas, anal training, and other anal fun =)

    Updated : 2018.08.31
  • Marc42 Marc42

    42 and wearing a diaper

    I have always had a thing for diapers but I never did because I knew my wife would leave me if I followed through with it. Now at the age of 42 I I'm wearing diapers all the time due to a bladder problems. Wearing them at first was a scary thing because I was afraid of what people w…

    Updated : 2018.08.29
  • TheWay TheWay

    Picks, ticks, strings, things, wings, reeds, nozzles & deeds

    If I jot my blog I can't blot up the bog

    If i pick my 'jo I still can check the flow

    If I tick your 'pits you will raise my wits

    If I think of things I won't flap my wings

    If I scrape my reeds I'll neglect your needs


    Updated : 2018.08.19
  • RedInBed RedInBed


    I've been siting here and reliving my amazing sex from last night and that got me to start reliving some of my previous sexual experiences. I keep a sex journal, something to have for when I'm old and gray and an invalid I guess LOL; I pulled it out and began thumbing through it. I g…

    Updated : 2018.08.15
  • Leftyy Leftyy

    The Wonderful World of Buttocks (Hiney or Heinie, Bum, Butt, Ass, Cheeks, etc.)

    I am fascinated with the human body. Always have been. In particular, I have a real fascination....well probably obsession with, Glutei Maximi, and it's companion, the anus.

    Of course anything associated with bottoms will be parsed and mused about extensively here. Hope you find s…

    Updated : 2018.08.14
  • Faith Faith

    Things and Stuff, My Life and Thoughts at a Glance

    My Life as a Domme and a Friend. Who knew? And maybe even something that makes you smile or simply think.

    Updated : 2018.08.09
  • strop strop

    My lifestyle of servitude from the beginning of my serving until most recent experiences.

    Part one....….. about my early life and how I started with being in the D/s lifestyle.

    I credit my disciplinarian mother with my start. My mother was fairly reserved until we moved to a town in SE Pennsylvania. My Dad was just a nice guy and he rarely ever got excited about anything.…

    Updated : 2018.08.07
  • Xtrlvn4V Xtrlvn4V

    The next chapter for me ....

    This will be my first blog ever. My life now without the kids at home and starting off single again. Now I can be free to explore some of my deepest desires and longings. Where else but Zity to start this new chapter in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm still the same ME to everyone a…

    Updated : 2018.07.30

  • Anal Play

    I wonder am I the only one into giving anal treatment play as much as I like receiving it? Nothing better then a dildo in your ass while getting lightly spanked or vice versa!

    Updated : 2018.07.17
  • margo911 margo911

    Something about me

    A very short introduction

    Updated : 2018.07.12
  • mws mws

    My blog title here.

    My blog introduction text here.

    Updated : 2018.07.10

  • 72 years old and still wanting sex

    My thoughts on sex - particularly enemas and my anal fixation as well as my more recent adventures into wearing diapers 24/7.

    Updated : 2018.07.07
  • danfox danfox

    No Longer an Old Newbie

    My blog will be concerned primarily with observations about myself and fetishes in general. Specific and perhaps more detailed aspects and comments will be reserved for the forum and the library sections of this site. Thanks to all who have made me feel welcome and for your helpful c…

    Updated : 2018.07.07
  • sarahashley sarahashley

    Sarah Ashley's Blog

    Here are some things I have written in my diary and thought I would post them here. I wrote them when they happened so if it sounds like they are happening today that was when I wrote them. When I turned 18 I thought a lot of things would change but I found out that was not true. I k…

    Updated : 2018.07.05
  • enema daddy enema daddy

    memories and experiences

    posting memories and experiences about enemas, rectal temps., spankings, etc.

    Updated : 2018.07.02