• Baby Kay Baby Kay

    Life and times of an intersexed baby girl.

    Hiyah everyone. This blog will be about my daily adventures as an intersexed baby girl. I may not post everyday, but will try to as often as possible.

    Updated : 2019.09.03
  • Vicki V Vicki V

    Sharing My Perspective

    I've been taking (and giving) enemas because I believe in their therapeutic value. From time to time, I'd like to share my perspective. Your responses are most welcome.

    Updated : 2019.08.25
  • BenDover BenDover

    Ben Dover's Medical Experiences

    Just some fond memories about exams and my emotions and feelings that accompany them.

    Updated : 2019.08.18
  • Nikki01 Nikki01

    The start of my journey

    Total fantasy maybe

    Updated : 2019.08.17
  • DarkSideofK DarkSideofK

    K's Fact And Fiction

    Some of these blog entries will be factual, but they'll mostly be based on either my own feverish fantasies or my Fetlife conversations. You're welcome to guess which one is which!

    Updated : 2019.08.16
  • Mr C Mr C

    Business trip

    Hey friends. I had a recent experience that I really want to share. Unfortunately it won't be able to share today, but I will come back and share details later. For now here is the basics of what happened.

    First, I was traveling out of state for work and ran into a former coworker fr…

    Updated : 2019.08.13
  • plenum plenum

    Tingling inside

    Our hero meditates on the joys of enemas and insertions while feeling the hibachi afterglow of yesterday's play with a large, rough-textured object.

    Updated : 2019.08.08
  • medfedcouple medfedcouple

    Medfedcouple-wife Enema & Anal Blog

    I will be writing about my past and future anal and enema play. I will write in detail what happened.

    Updated : 2019.08.07
  • skybear -N Florida skybear -N Florida

    skybear -N. Florida

    Greetings from the Panhandle of Florida. So many kinks and so little time.The things you already know can be a great foundation for learning even more! Just for the record: I do not abuse whiskey. When the toasting is finished, the dead Kilchoman scotch soldier is carefully …

    Updated : 2019.08.06
  • Ant Ant

    Everything WWII

    Hey everyone, I wanted to take a different approach on my blogs and talk about everything related to WWII and my experience as a reenactor and collector.

    I reenact as Cpl. in a Tank Destroyer Battalion at a few re-enactments a year. Occasionally a Cpt. in the Army Air Corp ( which p…

    Updated : 2019.08.04
  • azdiane azdiane

    azdiane finally blogs

    A place where I enjoy sharing things in my life with my kinky peers, particularly fellow enema-lovers. Some of these writings are long and heavy, some quick and light. Some are about long-ago, some about what's going on at the moment. I hope you enjoy.

    Depending on your setting…

    Updated : 2019.08.02
  • milanblenton milanblenton

    Painful memories about penicillin injections

    During my teens and early 20s I received almost 200 injections in my butt, mostly penicillins. It made my fetish. Those are true stories and fictions inspired by my expiriences

    Updated : 2019.07.24
  • MoCathDude MoCathDude


    This will try to explain how I got into using catheters.

    Updated : 2019.07.21
  • Cannot get enough Cannot get enough

    enema Kotex

    I am new to this site and I'm not familiar how to post. I see in red letters that "the following is NOT for the blog page text". Where did I go wrong?

    Updated : 2019.07.18
  • Sailing Master Sailing Master

    Eating Pussy

    This piece is not my original idea. But I have added my own thoughts to it and then formatted it, corrected spelling and syntax errors, and now I offer it up to you.

    Updated : 2019.07.11

  • my first day

    description of my first day on this site

    Updated : 2019.07.07
  • Lenchick Lenchick

    Something about me and my thoughts or anything else (first attempt)

    Well, it’s my very first joining sites where people can have their blogs.

    Let’s try what will come out from it.

    Don’t be too strict.

    I hope if you come across my blog, you will find interesting or at least like something here.

    Have a great time, enjoy and be yourself here. (I rea…

    Updated : 2019.07.03
  • Nozelman Nozelman

    A lifelong affair with anal everything

    I have enjoyed enemas and anal play since childhood, and continue to this day. The thought of receiving or giving someone an enema is still a very erotic thought to me. I have a douche nozzle that I can attach to my shower hose and love to massage my prostate with it during a shower.

    Updated : 2019.06.21
  • toshe63 toshe63


    So many changes in the last month. So much to think and ponder. Dealing with some issues personal and physically. But glad to have a place to express my feelings to the friends I have met here. I'm taking each day at a time and enjoying each day. Trying to push the troubling things o…

    Updated : 2019.06.18
  • Ladybug761 Ladybug761

    Writing, Ranting, and Occasionally NSFW

    Typically I write fantasy fiction and poetry. I would not classify myself as particularly good so much as particularly interested in being particularly good.

    Occasionally, though, when the mood, the music, and the mindset are right, I write something not safe for work, something that…

    Updated : 2019.06.15