• MoCathDude MoCathDude


    This will try to explain how I got into using catheters.

    Updated : 2019.07.21
  • Cannot get enough Cannot get enough

    enema Kotex

    I am new to this site and I'm not familiar how to post. I see in red letters that "the following is NOT for the blog page text". Where did I go wrong?

    Updated : 2019.07.18
  • Sailing Master Sailing Master

    Eating Pussy

    This piece is not my original idea. But I have added my own thoughts to it and then formatted it, corrected spelling and syntax errors, and now I offer it up to you.

    Updated : 2019.07.11

  • my first day

    description of my first day on this site

    Updated : 2019.07.07
  • Lenchick Lenchick

    Something about me and my thoughts or anything else (first attempt)

    Well, it’s my very first joining sites where people can have their blogs.

    Let’s try what will come out from it.

    Don’t be too strict.

    I hope if you come across my blog, you will find interesting or at least like something here.

    Have a great time, enjoy and be yourself here. (I rea…

    Updated : 2019.07.03
  • Nozelman Nozelman

    A lifelong affair with anal everything

    I have enjoyed enemas and anal play since childhood, and continue to this day. The thought of receiving or giving someone an enema is still a very erotic thought to me. I have a douche nozzle that I can attach to my shower hose and love to massage my prostate with it during a shower.

    Updated : 2019.06.21
  • toshe63 toshe63


    So many changes in the last month. So much to think and ponder. Dealing with some issues personal and physically. But glad to have a place to express my feelings to the friends I have met here. I'm taking each day at a time and enjoying each day. Trying to push the troubling things o…

    Updated : 2019.06.18
  • Ladybug761 Ladybug761

    Writing, Ranting, and Occasionally NSFW

    Typically I write fantasy fiction and poetry. I would not classify myself as particularly good so much as particularly interested in being particularly good.

    Occasionally, though, when the mood, the music, and the mindset are right, I write something not safe for work, something that…

    Updated : 2019.06.15
  • patient84 patient84

    Notes on MedFet

    Thoughts on an uncommon fetish.

    Updated : 2019.06.15
  • isitfull isitfull

    Relief when the wife is away

    Can't wait for the wife's monthly trip to the nail salon, today is the day!!!

    Updated : 2019.06.14
  • Mellow Mellow

    My life

    I keep getting asked about my many med fet experiences, so I thought I would put them here for all to see.

    Updated : 2019.06.13
  • johannesbach1800 johannesbach1800

    Examin document and documentation - management of enemas and follow-up over a period of time

    This document explain how to use the enema/examin form and give some advice and ideas how to benefit if you use the form in every enema or examin. This document help you to renew an vary the examin and enemas and being able to do a relevant and important follow-up.

    Updated : 2019.06.06

    My Place In The World

    Ramblings and musings from a true Pansexual Submissive

    This blog is going to be a trip through the thoughts and feelings from the inside on the trip through life.

    As a preface, I was born in 1957, a bright bouncing baby boy, number 2 of 4 bouncing baby boys. We lived less than 2 mile…

    Updated : 2019.05.31
  • caresabouthealth caresabouthealth

    The Megz

    This is my life...

    Updated : 2019.05.24
  • bbw4doc bbw4doc

    My blog

    I think, after a few tries, I'm finally figuring out how this blog thing works.

    Updated : 2019.05.18
  • PopStrop PopStrop

    Razor Strap

    While I grew up in a household in New England where spankings never happened…and not because I didn’t do things which I definitely deserved a spanking for…the same things for which all my buddies in the neighborhood and at school regularly received thorough lickings with a razor stra…

    Updated : 2019.05.14
  • madihadi37 madihadi37

    A Simple Strip Search

    I have been experiencing a strip search fetish lately. Where a male officer searches a shy female who is arrested and the nature of her crime requires a search. Nothing that is overly-sexual. Just the humiliation of forced nudity and dominance. If this is what you are looking for her…

    Updated : 2019.05.14
  • jhenry922 jhenry922

    Used buy an enema couple

    Enslaved to a man and woman, J. gets and mouth and assfull from both.

    I got to the farm just ahead of schedule, traffic being lighter than I had predicted. Their place was pretty empty except for a few vehicles parked over by the far end. I did as instructed and followed the dirt roa…

    Updated : 2019.05.13
  • FreakyDabbler FreakyDabbler

    Adventures of a Noobie Kinkster

    Following are short stories based on experiences I've started partaking in to explore my kinkier side. And maybe some random thoughts mixed in here and there along the way....

    Updated : 2019.05.12
  • JTMac JTMac

    As The Wheels Turn

    What goes on in my head - memories, fantasies, observations - with perhaps a sexual twist

    Updated : 2019.05.08