• Stillindiapers Stillindiapers

    Stillindiapers thoughts

    My personal little stories. I changed the title because I don't want to make this sound like a gimmick and decided to make it more on a personal level.

    Updated : 2012.09.24
  • chestinut chestinut

    Life as a Chest Nut (breast worshiper)

    A Blog that documents my fetishes and kinks. What I like, what I have done and what I have still to accomplish.

    Updated : 2012.09.04
  • lilcandystriper lilcandystriper


    Some thoughts....Time has a way, I think...

    Updated : 2012.08.29
  • Cattan Turner Cattan Turner

    Friendly Enema

    I plan to post a few short stories I have written about interesting sexual or sensual encounters, including enemas, of course. The stories are fiction, but may have been inspired by real events.

    Updated : 2012.07.20
  • bbMichel bbMichel

    bbMichel adventures

    I will try to update my blog as often as possible, and share some periods of my life. I'll talk about diapers, caths, tubes, injections... adventures of a big baby. Feel free to comment and post some new ideas.

    Updated : 2012.07.01
  • bodusha bodusha

    Castor oil last night

    Please make this the introduction to your blog, not the blog itself.

    Updated : 2012.06.18
  • Princess Princess

    A blog fit for a Princess

    I have never blogged before but a good friend suggested I try so here goes.

    Updated : 2012.06.02
  • babyplasticpanties babyplasticpanties

    Stricy Mommy & Naughty Little Boy

    Tales and true stories about living with a strict mommy!

    It wasn't her fault that I looked at her that way. She was younger than I and had dark hair and flashing eyes. I spotted that. The flash in her eyes. It was the beginning of her anger and disgust with me. I annoyed her by …

    Updated : 2012.03.13
  • bobbiw bobbiw


    Hospital Stay 2010

    Updated : 2012.03.10
  • Katheterine Katheterine


    (noun): something lacking solid value or substance.

    Updated : 2012.02.11
  • blogger333 blogger333

    BDSM back when

    How I got started in BDSM and my wife's 10 inch dildo.

    Updated : 2012.02.10
  • Did you get childhood enemas?

    This is a box for writing the the introduction text for your new Blog. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST PAGE!

    Updated : 2012.01.20
  • silverbullet silverbullet

    First Ejaculation

    I still remember that day. I was about 14 and in the hospital for some tests which required a clean colon. I have enjoyed enemas for years starting over my mother's lap with a bulb syringe and soapy water. Even in my early years, just the touch of something on the outside or even …

    Updated : 2012.01.16
  • mamasboy mamasboy


    Random thoughts of fun and stupid things in life.

    Updated : 2011.12.21
  • Anne B Anne B

    Anne Bonney

    Anne's sex life and musings online!

    Updated : 2011.11.27
  • naughtygirl1970 naughtygirl1970

    first blog

    might not be very good but i will give it a go

    Updated : 2011.11.13
  • knorris knorris

    The Traveling Klismo

    While I discovered the 'Net fairly early in its development, this will be my first foray into the art of blogging, so why not devote it to a lifelong interest,eccentric though it may be.

    Those here who are interested in the details how my "purientation" developed, can find them o…

    Updated : 2011.10.30
  • psykira psykira


    The thoughts of Janessa AKA Psykira

    Updated : 2011.10.25
  • sissybabyangelica sissybabyangelica

    My blogs are real life outings

    All my blogs are me in real life outings with mummy mistress. Please enjoy reading what I have done in the pass and I hope a real mummy mistress reads them. At the moment I have been with out a mummy mistress since 08 and would love to find a mummy girlfriend to love as a couple an…

    Updated : 2011.10.25
  • Thoughts by Hazeleyes

    Thoughts and ramblings

    Updated : 2011.10.19