• bobbiw bobbiw


    Hospital Stay 2010

    Updated : 2012.03.10
  • Katheterine Katheterine


    (noun): something lacking solid value or substance.

    Updated : 2012.02.11
  • blogger333 blogger333

    BDSM back when

    How I got started in BDSM and my wife's 10 inch dildo.

    Updated : 2012.02.10

  • Did you get childhood enemas?

    This is a box for writing the the introduction text for your new Blog. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST PAGE!

    Updated : 2012.01.20
  • silverbullet silverbullet

    First Ejaculation

    I still remember that day. I was about 14 and in the hospital for some tests which required a clean colon. I have enjoyed enemas for years starting over my mother's lap with a bulb syringe and soapy water. Even in my early years, just the touch of something on the outside or even …

    Updated : 2012.01.16
  • mamasboy mamasboy


    Random thoughts of fun and stupid things in life.

    Updated : 2011.12.21
  • Anne B Anne B

    Anne Bonney

    Anne's sex life and musings online!

    Updated : 2011.11.27
  • naughtygirl1970 naughtygirl1970

    first blog

    might not be very good but i will give it a go

    Updated : 2011.11.13
  • knorris knorris

    The Traveling Klismo

    While I discovered the 'Net fairly early in its development, this will be my first foray into the art of blogging, so why not devote it to a lifelong interest,eccentric though it may be.

    Those here who are interested in the details how my "purientation" developed, can find them o…

    Updated : 2011.10.30
  • psykira psykira


    The thoughts of Janessa AKA Psykira

    Updated : 2011.10.25
  • sissybabyangelica sissybabyangelica

    My blogs are real life outings

    All my blogs are me in real life outings with mummy mistress. Please enjoy reading what I have done in the pass and I hope a real mummy mistress reads them. At the moment I have been with out a mummy mistress since 08 and would love to find a mummy girlfriend to love as a couple an…

    Updated : 2011.10.25

  • Thoughts by Hazeleyes

    Thoughts and ramblings

    Updated : 2011.10.19
  • mrlargevolume mrlargevolume

    forced b&d enemas

    The time I was treated like a male slut

    told how & when I could not & do

    i am in m earl 60's & I am open to anything anal

    with a female I receive also give

    Updated : 2011.09.15
  • Hungryman Hungryman

    "Think for yourself - question authority!"

    "Think for yourself - question authority!" were the words well spoken by Timothy Leary in the 60's, and are even more important as a guide to those who love their freedom today. The world needs a great many more free thinkers and skeptics, and far less of these "sheeple" which is a …

    Updated : 2011.08.19
  • jockstrop jockstrop

    Real LifeTales of a "Weathered" bi-male sub/slave

    Figure that since I am too "Weathered" aka: old for most Dominants to show any interest at least I could write about my past experiences in this "great other life" and maybe even indulge a few fantasies that I would still hope to have come true before I'm summoned to the Great Dungeo…

    Updated : 2011.07.30
  • cowboy cowboy


    cowboy's life changing experiance

    Updated : 2011.06.05
  • hospitalcare hospitalcare


    "Clinic" play is a definite turn-on.

    I can't think of a time in my life when my thoughts and desires didn't somehow involve being enema'd and rectally examined by an understanding, skilled and enthusiastic 'nurse'. I would especially enjoy being strapped onto an OB-GYN exam table …

    Updated : 2011.05.16
  • Macca Macca

    Macca's musings.

    I didn't think I would ever 'blog', and I still don't know if I will, really.

    I've wondered for a long time, what on earth the point is in putting one's thoughts in such a medium. Who'd want to read my ramblings? Well, I decided to give it a try, or not. I may be back - who knows…

    Updated : 2011.05.07
  • nozzle37 nozzle37

    Fund Raiser

    New top executive.. developed a plan for aiding big clients in their fund raising.. he summoned some of us reps to the head shed

    Updated : 2011.04.24
  • whodat whodat

    Reelin, Rockin,' Rollin', and Enema Bulb Squeezin'

    I needed a good cleaning out because I was so stopped up, but friends were over......

    Updated : 2011.04.20