• lisagart lisagart

    A place to get things off my chest

    I have really enjoyed this site so I thought I might use a blog just to get some things down that obsess me about med fet. And I think obsession is the word,because I think about it and fantasise about it all the time. I was brought up to be modest and inhibited but here I can let …

    Updated : 2013.10.18

  • Hi there

    I am basically a nerdy redheaded girl (24) who is shy most of the time. Just sort of wanted to have a chance to safely express myself.

    Updated : 2013.10.06
  • DiaperFun DiaperFun

    My disability changed my life and future

    HiI have got dysfunctional stressincontinence from a neurologic disability called Cerrebellar Ataxia, Thats why I have to wear diapers. I have always wondered why people bullied and beated me for my way to talk, walk, and for many other reasons. I have always wondered why I always pe…

    Updated : 2013.10.04
  • miker miker


    This blog is my diary of my recent experiences of taking large volume enemas. Anticipation and culmination and the thoughts that go with it in a very personal way.

    Updated : 2013.09.18
  • betty bum betty bum

    Wiggle that Bum

    This is my little space where I share all my sexual indaba ..truth and fiction.

    Updated : 2013.08.09
  • ladydocisin ladydocisin

    Irony at work...

    Or, things that should be logical, but aren’t. A Blog by LadyDocQuite some time ago, someone suggested to me that I start a blog. At that time, I didn’t really think that was my style, but now I’ve decided to give it a go. I don’t plan to do this on a regular schedule, just when…

    Updated : 2013.08.02
  • gibby gibby

    Some random musings about my life ... where I am .. and how I feel ...

    I am going to try this as a place to jot down my thoughts about how my view of enemas has evolved over time ... Sometimes someone will post something that hits home for me .. makes me think .. makes me want to reach out and let them know they are not alone .. that there is hope and h…

    Updated : 2013.07.28
  • insideandout insideandout

    Inside&Out's Blog

    This is where I record things I want to share with others.

    Updated : 2013.07.13
  • Umami-Me Umami-Me


    The kinky good life in Europe...

    Updated : 2013.06.21
  • Amy S Amy S

    (Zity) life begins at 40(+)...

    or at least it did for me. This is my first ever attempt at a blog, wherein I hope to share details of my life outside of Zity (you mean there is one?) as well as those insights I gain along the way as I discover more of this amazing site & it's wonderful, welcoming members.

    Updated : 2013.05.28
  • ramlver ramlver

    Topics that wake me up at night

    Sleeping better these days! But man, looking back, there were some nights! I guess here's my conclusion: When dealing with difficult circumstances, I seem to go looking for, middle of the night diversions, to make my mind find it easier to cope with some realities, when the sun c…

    Updated : 2013.04.10
  • drphillips drphillips


    Hmm. Middle aged guy that's into playing doctor I guess. That will do for here. In a relationship with a lovely woman who likes to play too, just not as much as I.

    Updated : 2013.02.05
  • NurseVic NurseVic

    The Clinic

    A blog about a Nurse, Her fiancee, Their friends... and their views both on kinks and real life

    Updated : 2013.01.25
  • Luvs It Luvs It

    Still in Diapers at the Jersey Shore

    Just an update, sort of.

    Updated : 2012.11.18
  • curious2313 curious2313

    Curious2313's Blog

    A blog about my life and sexual interests and experiences

    Updated : 2012.11.12
  • geminitom geminitom


    I am a very lucky guy, married to Sirensong, my bride of almost 25 years as I write this. I have no limits to the experiences that there are to enjoy when it comes to learning about our bodies and our minds, and that anything that happens between consenting adults is OK so long as n…

    Updated : 2012.11.01

  • My Life

    Blog about my life, the ups, downs, funnies, and anything else that may frustrate me or that I need to vent about.

    Updated : 2012.10.30
  • seanmi37 seanmi37

    That Hockey Kid

    I talk sports, life, school, and anything general going on.

    Updated : 2012.10.18
  • Stillindiapers Stillindiapers

    Stillindiapers thoughts

    My personal little stories. I changed the title because I don't want to make this sound like a gimmick and decided to make it more on a personal level.

    Updated : 2012.09.24
  • chestinut chestinut

    Life as a Chest Nut (breast worshiper)

    A Blog that documents my fetishes and kinks. What I like, what I have done and what I have still to accomplish.

    Updated : 2012.09.04