• Zach666 Zach666

    daily vents about all thing from GAY AB/DL

    I like to vent so this is my life in a clip like Random thoughts that go through your mind or bump in the night all about life love and learning about myself every day and meeting new people online and in real life some days my thought will be as a grownup and some as my child alter …

    Updated : 2014.12.09
  • maddie maddie


    Musings and philosophical discussions on the random thoughts of ME and my world!

    Updated : 2014.11.24
  • Dr Letslook Dr Letslook

    A little fish in a big pond..

    So many people I talk to on fetish sites seem to almost 'struggle' with the reasoning behind their kinks and desires and 'why'. I have come to the simple conclusion of 'why ask why'. I (I that is!) consider myself sane and very reasonable in my thinking. Fetish is something that can …

    Updated : 2014.11.11
  • happyman happyman

    A joking bet turned out to be a enema payoff surprise!

    A simple office bet resulted into a incredible enema payoff. It was a hot summer and our company picnic always had a softball game. Well, no different than last year everyone had to pick out of a hat a colored straw. I picked a blue one, my immediate supervisor got a red straw. My su…

    Updated : 2014.11.08
  • Witch Witch

    [insert awesome title here]

    *epic introduction music* Hello, I'm witch, I'm a cardiophile with medical fetish and others and I'm also bad with descreptions ^-^ I guess you can tell

    Updated : 2014.11.03
  • Elizabeth2010 Elizabeth2010

    Hello ......

    ... from the United Kingdom. What a site this is, so many people with similar fetishes to share. I have met and chatted both in person and on line with participants and am having a brilliant time. Looking forward to adding to my blog as and when I am able …

    Updated : 2014.11.02
  • RNinCA RNinCA

    Ramblings of an RN

    I've always had a thing for gyno exams, medical exams, and medical stuff.

    The blog definitely won't be exclusively about medfet stuff, so enjoy

    Updated : 2014.10.28
  • Sparksfly Sparksfly

    Champaign kink on beer budget

    Hey so you are into kink but the toys are OUTRAGEOUSLY right? Not to mention costs of lubricants etc.

    This blog is to give ideas from the local 99cent store that are good for the kink and easy on the bank. Come on .99 cents for probably better, more personal toys? Read this and follo…

    Updated : 2014.10.20
  • Tabitha32 Tabitha32


    This actually happened last night. Sort of funny and sort of embarrassing.

    Updated : 2014.09.27
  • bad ann bad ann

    Anal Experiences

    I am female in my mid 50s. I am personally and professionally assertive but secretly sexually submissive. I am anally and scatalogically fixated. I am anally retentive both psychologically and physically. I am often constipated. I now have chronic constipation due to the painkillers …

    Updated : 2014.09.25
  • BJ55 BJ55

    Living the pluged life 24/7

    Hello everyone, About a year ago I got my wife a glass butt plug from Adam & Eve. When it came in the mail we was so happy, right away I got the lube out and put it in her ass. She loved the way it made her feel let me tell you she did not just cum she squirted for the first time. Wo…

    Updated : 2014.09.22
  • George W George W

    What's in your equipment bag ?

    Wondering what enema gear people have , use or wish to buy to enjoy their fetish to the max .I am new here and this is my first posting, so bear with me, till I get the hang of it . So, like the guy doing the Capitol One commercial says, what in your bag.

    Updated : 2014.09.14
  • lubed1 lubed1

    Wife-Led Domestic Discipline

    Stories and other musings I've written about my favorite subject

    Updated : 2014.08.19
  • Deepwoods Deepwoods

    Doctors and nurses

    Doctors are only human too!

    Updated : 2014.08.18
  • rare air breathing rare air breathing

    muffled voice from behind the mask

    For years I have had an obsession with masks that cover the nose and mouth--which include surgical masks, dust masks, allergy masks, anesthesia masks, oxygen masks, CPAP masks, and respirators. This obsession takes on the characteristics of a fetish, but in exploring it, I'm also exp…

    Updated : 2014.08.03
  • BlackBeautySlave BlackBeautySlave


    My personal thoughts

    Updated : 2014.07.09
  • toddler annie toddler annie

    living the life of an AB

    hi all i'm Annie. i'm pretty well a just a plan Jane woman. well so you think. i have been dressing and acting like a baby girl as long as i can remember. this can be a problem when you are a younger and your parents don't approve because you are not a baby, oh and you where a boy. …

    Updated : 2014.06.30
  • AnneThrax AnneThrax

    Inside Anne Or Through My Intestines

    Anne's Anal Adventures

    Updated : 2014.06.19
  • Capybyra Capybyra

    My Eblog and More.

    This is a blog for my ramblings about Enemas and whatever else. Play nice in comments. BtW- I'm not seeking lovers or even dates. Just sharing our whatever- in text only..

    Updated : 2014.06.06
  • Elizabeth123 Elizabeth123

    Its just me

    I am Elizabeth. My first time on here. So far everyone has been very nice to me. I am a slave. Been for a long time. I like being punished. But I like to snuggle. My weak spot is on my shoulder. Anyone can touch me on the shoulder and I fall right down. I'm very active. I loving …

    Updated : 2014.05.29