• jabbotuk jabbotuk

    My buttock injections

    Having grown up in the era of penicillin shots, my earliest memories of doctors' visits involved getting an injection-sore bottom. Even when I didn't know what was happening because I couldn't see, the prospect terrified me. When no doctor's visit was imminent, however, I often fan…

    Updated : 2015.12.20
  • Lora C Lora C

    I Am Lora - And I Can't Go Back

    That first time He put the douche pipe in my willing ass - was like a key being put in an ignition and turning on a whole new world for me. I can't go back to vanilla - and I want to get my husband to go along for the ride.

    Updated : 2015.12.20
  • diaperdisciplined diaperdisciplined

    Confessions of Confusion

    I have always known that the way I felt about other boys, the way I never wanted to give up diapers, despite being too afraid to ask my mother to keep buying them for me as well as the way I experienced the spankings I received as an absurdly young child [they titillated me both afte…

    Updated : 2015.10.24
  • BigK BigK

    BigK thinks out loud

    Welcome to my Blog. Its just a selection of my thoughts from time to time. Feel free to comment on anything I say and maybe join me for chat on Yahoo Instant Messenger where my ID is BigK148@yahoo.co.uk or send me an email on karlstone@talktalk.net You can also visit my personal we…

    Updated : 2015.10.16
  • submissivepatient submissivepatient


    Electra introduction

    Updated : 2015.10.05
  • sudzeone sudzeone

    Coffee enemas

    Benefits of coffee enemas and more

    Updated : 2015.09.26
  • Patient PJ Patient PJ

    Journey with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

    My doctor referred me to a physical therapist for my pelvic floor...these stories are my journey.

    Updated : 2015.08.26
  • Patienceplease Patienceplease

    Patience please

    Musings of a patient patient.

    Updated : 2015.08.14
  • DouchesPink DouchesPink

    2 ways to make your penis bigger so that enema and medical fetishism will be more fun

    This page of my blog is a parody on penis enlargement I would like to share with all valued Zity members that took months of proof reading and editing and was inspired by my participation in yahoo answers/men's health

    Updated : 2015.08.11
  • Doctorh2e Doctorh2e

    It's really a "link..."

    I have a blog on blogspot; See below for the link. I post occasionally. I hope just posting my link is ok, and if not, I'll cut and paste.

    Updated : 2015.07.02
  • jansatin jansatin


    What happens to Jansatin

    Updated : 2015.06.14
  • Pickle Pickle

    Heart patient - dilated cardiomyopathy

    Hopefully I can add to your knowledge and gain some myself! I have dilated cardiomyopathy - an enlarged and failing heart. I can give physiological details if you like. I have an irregular heartbeat, I breathe fast, and to top it all I have asthma.

    Updated : 2015.06.13
  • playtime playtime

    Reality Check

    Hello, I'm Playtime, and this is my blog.

    Updated : 2015.06.07
  • enemaseroticos enemaseroticos

    Bizarre sex

    Some experiences and recommendations on our strange sex life.

    Updated : 2015.06.06
  • ImprovSub ImprovSub


    This is a blog for improv and probably some inane ramblings. Strap in! --no, not those straps, they're not for human use. What do you mean, you're stuck??

    Updated : 2015.04.24
  • knivesreturns knivesreturns


    Here's my blog about enenams, diapers, and anal action. I hope you like it!

    Updated : 2015.04.03
  • Mikey804 Mikey804

    Love my butthole on display

    Love having my asshole on display

    Updated : 2015.04.03
  • faultless50 faultless50


    Day to day entries, mostly relating to enemas, whenever the mood strikes me.

    Updated : 2015.03.28
  • Jessie Jessica Jessie Jessica

    Jessie's little secret - Blog

    Hello i'm Jessie Jessica, 22 years old, Female

    Small body, a bit thiny..

    love music and dance

    also chocolate

    please enjoy my story and my body in your imagination

    Updated : 2015.03.22
  • tops tops

    mostly pregnancy ramblings

    An outlet to describe some of my pregnancy related fetishes.

    Updated : 2015.03.15