• Nurse Valerie Cross
    Nurse Valerie Cross

    A pretty dead site,,,,,

    A pretty dead site,,,,,

    This seems to be a pretty dead site.

    Do we ever get to post pictures of activities and interest?

    This no support of MS Inet Explorer is lame as hell.



    Nurse Valerie Cross

    Updated : 2020.06.16
  • enema daddy
    enema daddy

    memories and experiences

    posting memories and experiences about enemas, rectal temps., spankings, etc.

    Updated : 2020.06.16
  • Taipan

    COVID-19 Blog

    Information, New results, Data

    This blog is about the new coronavirus and is for information

    Comments, Questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

    Updated : 2020.06.04
  • highwater

    With a TWIST!!!!!!!

    'Guess I've been here long enough....'Time to get serious!!!!.

    Updated : 2020.06.04
  • SomeoneNeeds

    erotic enema torture

    I'm wondering what women enjoy giving a man erotic enema torture, and what they like doing. This involves the giving and activities done while holding an enema.

    Updated : 2020.06.01
  • Helping Hands
    Helping Hands

    fake facials

    it looked funny to see so much evidently fake cum shooting out of this guy's cock. must have been a pint LOL

    Updated : 2020.06.01
  • exam doc
    exam doc

    Group physical

    The only group exam I ever had was when I was a seventh grader for sports.

    Updated : 2020.05.25
  • patient84

    Notes on MedFet

    Thoughts on an uncommon fetish.

    Updated : 2020.05.25
  • Diapers: Me, Myself, and I

    A place where I reflect on growing up with an ABDL fetish and how it has affected me today. Loves support, will pay in friendliness.

    Updated : 2020.05.24
  • Wet-girl

    Musings of a wet girl

    Just a place to put down some of my thoughts, experiences , dreams and fantasies

    Updated : 2020.05.21
  • janie39


    Fantasy's are un-limited and allows the mind to create fetishes, scenarios, characters and thoughts that stimulate the inner body. We all fantasize and no two are alike, hoping to naturally release tensions and functions.

    Updated : 2020.05.19
  • trucker

    Old Times and Old Memories

    I'm getting close to 80 now and alone most of the time since my wife died, so I have a lot more memories than future plans. Some of it might be worth putting on paper (hard disk) just to leave a record of how things were. The rest may only be good for bringing a smile to my life as I…

    Updated : 2020.05.17
  • vato

    Talkin Dirty...........

    How many of you love to talk dirty ? Think about dirty thoughts when masturbating in your head. Does it help you acheive to cum easier ? What about wnen you are chatting ?

    Updated : 2020.05.17
  • Loveitkinky

    Random musings of a middle-aged ex-pat

    In a Zity chat room recently, a member here encouraged me to cast aside my doubts about the value or legitimacy of a blog and actually just start writing one. So here goes. Thanks to that member. You know who you are.

    Updated : 2020.05.16
  • Analtemp

    When I was little

    Story of when I was little

    Updated : 2020.05.10
  • supermoney777

    2020 Physical

    Just had my 2020 physical in the midst of COVID-19 (May 6, 2020)

    Updated : 2020.05.06
  • Crissgant

    Non-Fetish Blog

    Some random non-fetish stuff

    Updated : 2020.05.06
  • DST

    Getting to the Bottom

    This is my first attempt at Blogging. It is here that I will relate my experiences in receiving and giving enema's and spankings. I hope you can relate to some of what has happened to me.

    Updated : 2020.05.06
  • DiaperTrainer

    My Blog


    Updated : 2020.05.05
  • isitfull

    Relief when the wife is away

    Can't wait for the wife's monthly trip to the nail salon, today is the day!!!

    Updated : 2020.05.05