• Faith

    Things and Stuff, My Life and Thoughts at a Glance

    My Life as a Domme and a Friend. Who knew? And maybe even something that makes you smile or simply think.

    Updated : 2020.10.23
  • Bob Bit
    Bob Bit

    Life's okay

    I know some have read my post and maybe thinking I may be a damaged package.

    If you think my postings are negative in nature, there not, I'm just being straightforward and honest, not everybody's life starts off so hunky dory, life is life.

    I'm okay with my life as it stands right no…

    Updated : 2020.10.23
  • tommyqwerty

    my current lifestyle

    started 24/7 about 3 months ago around the same time everything shut down from coronavirus

    will now add notes as things progress

    Read reality to see where things are

    Updated : 2020.10.23
  • patient84

    Notes on MedFet

    Thoughts on an uncommon fetish.

    Updated : 2020.10.23
  • soggy

    Wearing Diapers and being a homo

    I started being a cock sucker and taking it in my ass at the age of 13. Now I'm 56. The only thing that's changed is that i started wearing Diapers when I was 24 or so.

    Updated : 2020.10.22
  • czracer

    Something to keep the Voices in My Head Quiet .

    Hmm a blog , could be fun , just something to keep the voices in my head quiet I guess

    Updated : 2020.10.22
  • Plushlady

    Life and cancer

    It's been a long while since I've been on the site.After losing my husband and mom 4 days apart 2 years ago,quitting my job of 25 years and moving back to my hometown to be with my dad and other family,losing 3 family pets in 10 months,I was also diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer…

    Updated : 2020.10.22
  • RichardAsni

    Private Thoughts

    A place to record my memories and desires. All feedback welcome and wanted.

    Updated : 2020.10.21
  • toshe63


    So many changes in the last month. So much to think and ponder. Dealing with some issues personal and physically. But glad to have a place to express my feelings to the friends I have met here. I'm taking each day at a time and enjoying each day. Trying to push the troubling things o…

    Updated : 2020.10.21
  • dakotasuz

    dakotas seasonings

    there are lots of things in life that "spice" or season things up I hope somethings I post help others as it has helped me

    Updated : 2020.10.21
  • Firegirl911

    What Every ones Feelings or Opinions on Enemas and Suppostories

    Just reaching out to see every ones different opinions on Enemas and Suppostories.

    Updated : 2020.10.18
  • botox

    Botox's Eclectic Mutterings

    Things I think are relevant or not.

    One of them is I believe that freedom of speech is a sacred right. It does not, however, guarantee you a venue or an audience.

    Everything you see here is my opinion, backed up by fact or not.

    Updated : 2020.10.15
  • supple

    My Avatar Postures

    This blog describes my avatar photos, which - I hope - will progress.

    Actually, it is not so much the photos, but my exercise regimes, progress, and desires.

    The images themselves are in my album named Avatar Photos (of course!)

    I don't think I will be writing more than once every 2…

    Updated : 2020.10.12
  • Nurse Phillips
    Nurse Phillips

    Playing around

    Just me talking about playing or anything else

    Updated : 2020.10.12
  • Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2020.10.10
  • Yehadiel

    Yehadiel's blog

    I cannot guarantee that the stories in my blog are real. All the characters in my fictions are 18 years old or older.

    Updated : 2020.10.09
  • RoxySneakerGirl

    Seeking interest in California Enema Event

    Hello All,

    I have discussed this with many of you one on one, but looking to expand the conversation. I’d like to see what the interest level would be in having a Sacramento California based ‘E Fest’. Just to be clear those are ‘air quotes’ on ‘E-Fest’! I am not talking about somethi…

    Updated : 2020.10.08
  • zaboots


    Just re-booting.....

    Updated : 2020.10.07
  • Taipan

    Tai's Blog • COVID-19 and more

    Information, New results, Data

    This blog is about the new coronavirus and is for information

    Comments, Questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

    Updated : 2020.10.06
  • Vthokiefan

    Realistic Exam from Real Doc

    "This is an actual account of a play exam I had several years ago. I met a real doctor several years ago. I was visiting family out of state and posted an ad on Craigslist and he responded. After chatting for a bit and me telling him I wanted a very realistic exam he asked if I wante…

    Updated : 2020.10.04