• Peesalot Peesalot

    What I love about my kinks

    I have a variety of interests and, to some, kinks. I'm not into major pain (mild is fine) or medfet. I expect my entries will be more like random thoughts and ramblings rather than organized, well thought out essays. As I post them, I hope some will enjoy them. I know I will enjo…

    Updated : 2020.03.28
  • Tillie Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2020.03.28
  • PopStrop PopStrop

    Razor Strap

    While I grew up in a household in New England where spankings never happened…and not because I didn’t do things which I definitely deserved a spanking for…the same things for which all my buddies in the neighborhood and at school regularly received thorough lickings with a razor stra…

    Updated : 2020.03.27
  • Wet-girl Wet-girl

    Musings of a wet girl

    Just a place to put down some of my thoughts, experiences , dreams and fantasies

    Updated : 2020.03.27
  • dakotasuz dakotasuz

    dakotas seasonings

    there are lots of things in life that "spice" or season things up I hope somethings I post help others as it has helped me

    Updated : 2020.03.24
  • zaboots zaboots


    Just re-booting.....

    Updated : 2020.03.23
  • prettypatientpp prettypatientpp

    Petty's Blog

    Here I will share incidents about how I am discovering myself slowly and also about my real medical appointments.

    Updated : 2020.03.22
  • Patty10 Patty10

    MY first thoughts

    I consider this page a "diary/blog". I will be sharing very personal fantasies that are actually happening in the real world in real time.

    Updated : 2020.03.21
  • LordJim2 LordJim2

    Her first threesome

    Just a short fantasy fueled by some past experiences.

    Updated : 2020.03.21
  • botox botox

    Botox's Eclectic Mutterings

    Things I think are relevant or not.

    One of them is I believe that freedom of speech is a sacred right. It does not, however, guarantee you a venue or an audience.

    Everything you see here is my opinion, backed up by fact or not.

    Updated : 2020.03.21
  • gillouou gillouou

    My Enema Log

    I will log here my enemas: Volume, Filling time, Retention time, Solution and Temperature

    Updated : 2020.03.19
  • Taipan Taipan

    Test Blog

    Just for testing, Bla Bla Bla...



    Try to insert Pictures

    Updated : 2020.03.17
  • MoCathDude MoCathDude


    This will try to explain how I got into using catheters.

    Updated : 2020.03.16
  • Enema Runner Enema Runner

    The Three R's (Random Running Ramblings)

    As long as I can remember, I have always had a pleasant experience with enemas. And although my interest and taking enemas has periodically waxed and waned throughout my life, the interest is back late in my life. Concurrent with that has been my anal fascination/eroticism. Another i…

    Updated : 2020.03.15
  • Nurse Phillips Nurse Phillips

    Playing around

    Just me talking about playing or anything else

    Updated : 2020.03.11
  • randypete randypete

    2nd life

    how many of you go on 2nd life for sex try it

    Updated : 2020.03.11
  • F1N F1N


    Anal sex please.

    Updated : 2020.03.10
  • Faith Faith

    Things and Stuff, My Life and Thoughts at a Glance

    My Life as a Domme and a Friend. Who knew? And maybe even something that makes you smile or simply think.

    Updated : 2020.03.09
  • Flames Flames


    What is coronavirus?

    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some causing illness in people and others circulating among animals, including camels, cats and bats.

    The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new virus that causes re…

    Updated : 2020.03.09
  • mello1 mello1

    First time undressing

    I walked into the sterile room it smelled of the sani cloth disinfectants and naked bodies. My heart jumped at the smell. I am led by the nurse into a room. Please remove everything you have on and wear this. She hands me what looks like paper loincloth. My heart is beating rapidly n…

    Updated : 2020.03.07