• givesenemas2fems givesenemas2fems

    How i was hooked

    It has been some time since i joined this site and have enjoyed it a great deal. When i first joined there was one member who set himself up as the "Truth Police".

    He was abusive and never asked questions to those he maligned, but accused them of making up whatever it was they wrote.…

    Updated : 2020.01.23
  • dakotasuz dakotasuz

    dakotas seasonings

    there are lots of things in life that "spice" or season things up I hope somethings I post help others as it has helped me

    Updated : 2020.01.23
  • czracer czracer

    Something to keep the Voices in My Head Quiet .

    Hmm a blog , could be fun , just something to keep the voices in my head quiet I guess

    Updated : 2020.01.20
  • soggy soggy

    I love playing the role as a woman, for men

    Due to the way I way raised, I ended up looking for men to enjoy. I figured out that men would play with me quicker than women would. I also figured out that if I played the role of a woman, they'd want to play with me even more. So I quickly adapted myself to trying to think like a …

    Updated : 2020.01.19
  • Tillie Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2020.01.19
  • PopStrop PopStrop

    Razor Strap

    While I grew up in a household in New England where spankings never happened…and not because I didn’t do things which I definitely deserved a spanking for…the same things for which all my buddies in the neighborhood and at school regularly received thorough lickings with a razor stra…

    Updated : 2020.01.15
  • Faith Faith

    Things and Stuff, My Life and Thoughts at a Glance

    My Life as a Domme and a Friend. Who knew? And maybe even something that makes you smile or simply think.

    Updated : 2020.01.15
  • johannesbach1800 johannesbach1800

    Examin document and documentation - management of enemas and follow-up over a period of time

    This document explain how to use the enema/examin form and give some advice and ideas how to benefit if you use the form in every enema or examin. This document help you to renew an vary the examin and enemas and being able to do a relevant and important follow-up.

    Updated : 2020.01.13
  • zaboots zaboots


    Just re-booting.....

    Updated : 2020.01.09
  • Katex Katex

    My Tales Growing Up

    I have decided to delete all of my blogs, but before I go I would like to thank those here at Zity who have supported me and gave me encouragement through my blog about my life of exhibitionism. Katex

    Updated : 2020.01.07
  • Pecan nutjob Pecan nutjob

    Switching in Paris

    My wife and I are "switches". In addition to (nearly) daily vanilla sex, we give spankings and enemas and take rectal temperatures, among other things.

    We do not like it "hard", we do not feel like BDSM. We are just an ordinary couple with a fascination for fun with the rear end.

    We …

    Updated : 2020.01.06
  • Nurse Phillips Nurse Phillips

    Playing around

    Just me talking about playing or anything else

    Updated : 2020.01.06
  • gflin gflin

    Hi, my name is Scott, and I have a medical fetish

    Everyone (here) (who has a medical fetish) has come to their fetish in their own unique, and very, very personal way. Some of them have come to terms with it early on, and some of us have hung onto it as a source of shame and embarrassment for decades. If you haven't guessed, I'm one…

    Updated : 2020.01.05

  • Mashie Memorial

    Updated : 2020.01.04
  • trucker trucker

    Old Times and Old Memories

    I'm getting close to 80 now and alone most of the time since my wife died, so I have a lot more memories than future plans. Some of it might be worth putting on paper (hard disk) just to leave a record of how things were. The rest may only be good for bringing a smile to my life as I…

    Updated : 2020.01.01
  • arthur arthur

    De tout et d'autres choses

    Fisting and anal pleasures. Le fist et les plaisirs anals.

    Utiliser de l'eau de pluie lorsqu'il ne faut pas d'eau potable. Use rainwater when no drinking water is needed

    Le D.A.D.A.

    Updated : 2020.01.01
  • Forumtester Forumtester

    Test for Images


    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea comm…

    Updated : 2019.12.31
  • Enema Runner Enema Runner

    The Three R's (Random Running Ramblings)

    As long as I can remember, I have always had a pleasant experience with enemas. And although my interest and taking enemas has periodically waxed and waned throughout my life, the interest is back late in my life. Concurrent with that has been my anal fascination/eroticism. Another i…

    Updated : 2019.12.29
  • Neptun Neptun

    Why does personal sexuality develop as it is?

    Sexuality in all its variations is part of the personality. This sexuality is placed in our cradle and awakens at some point in later life. Many factors influence this process, such as home, religion, personal environment, friends etc., as well as the first partner (s). For a long ti…

    Updated : 2019.12.28
  • wetandwild09 wetandwild09

    First Blog

    One of my quirkier habits is to Bastardize the lyrics of songs. So this being Christmas I thought I'd share this jingle stuck in my head.

    Updated : 2019.12.28