• Enema Runner
    Enema Runner

    The Three R's (Random Running Ramblings)

    As long as I can remember, I have always had a pleasant experience with enemas. And although my interest and taking enemas has periodically waxed and waned throughout my life, the interest is back late in my life. Concurrent with that has been my anal fascination/eroticism. Another i…

    Updated : 2020.11.24
  • dakotasuz

    dakotas seasonings

    there are lots of things in life that "spice" or season things up I hope somethings I post help others as it has helped me

    Updated : 2020.11.23
  • trucker

    Old Times and Old Memories

    I'm getting close to 80 now and alone most of the time since my wife died, so I have a lot more memories than future plans. Some of it might be worth putting on paper (hard disk) just to leave a record of how things were. The rest may only be good for bringing a smile to my life as I…

    Updated : 2020.11.23
  • BushVBWE

    Large labia

    I find larger labia extremely erotic. My girlfriend has labia minora that protrude past her labia majora. I really enjoy playing with her labia. Are there any ladies who also have larger labia and do you like your partner stretching and playing with your labia.

    Updated : 2020.11.23
  • Smartalk

    Large Assorted Range of Medfet Videos

    I came across the webpage with a wide range of Medical, Clinical Surgical medfet procedures I thought some of you may appreciate


    Hope it meets with your approval

    Updated : 2020.11.22
  • Mental Patient
    Mental Patient

    My cazy blog

    Where my stories are all fictional my blog is going to have a lot more truth in it. Some general history. A lot more real tidbits, funny stories, etc. Freaky short stories of the hospital both medical and mental. Ideas and fantasies. My thoughts in general.

    Updated : 2020.11.21
  • Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2020.11.20
  • Nurse Phillips
    Nurse Phillips

    Playing around

    Just me talking about playing or anything else

    Updated : 2020.11.17
  • Diaperjared

    Regression In Diapers

    I’m a little one from the Long Island New York area. Regression started out of nowhere several years ago and is now progressed much further. I can feel the dependence and do so much better when I am looked after by someone, though, it’s been quite while since a local person has do…

    Updated : 2020.11.14
  • gillouou

    My Enema Log

    I will log here my enemas: Volume, Filling time, Retention time, Solution and Temperature

    Updated : 2020.11.14
  • tommyqwerty

    my current lifestyle

    started 24/7 about 3 months ago around the same time everything shut down from coronavirus

    will now add notes as things progress

    Read reality to see where things are

    Updated : 2020.11.13
  • zaboots


    Just re-booting.....

    Updated : 2020.11.10
  • Westy

    Remembering those "golden years"

    I was born in the 1950s meaning that I got to experience those golden years of the enema although I honestly didn't think of them that way. This blog tells of my experiences and often is the result of my responding to thought cues from others here.

    Updated : 2020.11.09
  • toshe63


    So many changes in the last month. So much to think and ponder. Dealing with some issues personal and physically. But glad to have a place to express my feelings to the friends I have met here. I'm taking each day at a time and enjoying each day. Trying to push the troubling things o…

    Updated : 2020.11.07
  • Spark19

    Sparks of Imagination

    Accidental Caught Naked at Work

    My boss was the stereotypical successful professional woman. Sharply dressed, very fit and not a single blonde hair out of place. She did have one little vice that we all kept quiet. Every day at lunch, she would leave our office to drive just off of c…

    Updated : 2020.11.04
  • Firegirl911

    What Every ones Feelings or Opinions on Enemas and Suppostories

    Just reaching out to see every ones different opinions on Enemas and Suppostories.

    Updated : 2020.11.03
  • demure

    A Peek Into a Demure World

    Nothing earth-shattering to share, but rather a place to put down my thoughts and feelings as I explore my medical interests.

    Updated : 2020.11.02
  • Taipan

    Tai's Blog • COVID-19 and more

    Information, New results, Data

    This blog is about the new coronavirus and is for information

    Comments, Questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

    Updated : 2020.10.30
  • greengodess

    Getting an enema for a punishment

    Growing up were you ever punished with an enema?

    Updated : 2020.10.26
  • MoCathDude


    This will try to explain how I got into using catheters.

    Updated : 2020.10.26