• gillouou gillouou

    My Enema Log

    I will log here my enemas: Volume, Filling time, Retention time, Solution and Temperature

    Updated : 2019.10.13
  • lana peterzon lana peterzon

    Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

    Fluffy, Puffy,

    Sure Enoughy


    Updated : 2019.10.11
  • debgurl debgurl

    The Musings of an Enema Lover

    Enemas....so misunderstood, so mischaracterized and yet so delightful! This is a blog devoted to my adventures in the wonderful world of enemas...from things I've tried (and things I would never try again) to those things that go to make for a wonderful and often erotic experience. P…

    Updated : 2019.10.10
  • Lily Lily

    Oily injections

    Introduction text yet to be written...

    Updated : 2019.10.10
  • sge113 sge113

    My Hospital Blog

    Hi All!

    Here I will write about my experiences as a patient in the UK and France.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Updated : 2019.10.09
  • Katex Katex

    My Tales Growing Up

    This blog is all about my life of exhibitionism; growing up with my daddy who started me down this path by exposing me from an early age and who later helped me develop my compulsion for my pleasure

    Updated : 2019.10.09
  • Ryan Ryan

    My temp

    A story about my temp from birth to now .

    Updated : 2019.10.04
  • ginnie ginnie

    lifes uncertainty

    This will be about my thoughts sexuality life changes and the good times ive had

    Updated : 2019.10.03
  • dakotasuz dakotasuz

    dakotas seasonings

    there are lots of things in life that "spice" or season things up I hope somethings I post help others as it has helped me

    Updated : 2019.10.03
  • Nurse Phillips Nurse Phillips

    Playing around

    Just me talking about playing or anything else

    Updated : 2019.10.02
  • Tillie Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2019.10.02
  • Enema Runner Enema Runner

    The Three R's (Random Running Ramblings)

    As long as I can remember, I have always had a pleasant experience with enemas. And although my interest and taking enemas has periodically waxed and waned throughout my life, the interest is back late in my life. Concurrent with that has been my anal fascination/eroticism. Anothe…

    Updated : 2019.10.01
  • Dr Kinky Dr Kinky

    Exciting things I do occasionally

    My daily blog entries about different real life experiences or stuff I try out.

    Updated : 2019.09.30
  • russiandoll russiandoll

    Random thoughts


    Updated : 2019.09.29
  • MNBaseballjock83 MNBaseballjock83

    Real Exam Log

    Just honest accounts of exams

    Updated : 2019.09.29
  • botox botox

    Botox's Eclectic Mutterings

    Things I think are relevant or not.

    One of them is I believe that freedom of speech is a sacred right. It does not, however, guarantee you a venue or an audience.

    Everything you see here is my opinion, backed up by fact or not.

    Updated : 2019.09.22
  • Dr Nash Dr Nash

    The Archive of Dr Nash

    This is a blog devoted to the examinations given by Dr Nash.

    Updated : 2019.09.22
  • Viktoriana Viktoriana

    Cougars & prey

    A day in the life of a cougar

    Updated : 2019.09.19
  • zaboots zaboots


    Just re-booting.....

    Updated : 2019.09.16
  • Patty10 Patty10

    MY first thoughts

    I have decided to make my blog a "pot luck" of hopefully interesting stories, experiences, tidbits and maybe even fantasies that I indulge in from time to time. I am also open to blogging suggestions.

    Updated : 2019.09.15